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7 Traits of Authority Bloggers; You need them all, Especially #2

Becoming an authority is one of the biggest dreams every blogger out there has but to be sincere, no one can become an authority blogger overnight.

If there is one thing that I have learnt about blogging, I have learnt that overnight success does not exist in this blogging trade.

If you are dreaming to become an authority bloggers, one of those things that can help you to achieve your dream quickly is to understudy the Top Bloggers, try to understand what they have done, what they are doing and why they are doing it. If you can understand them, you can be like them.

authority-blogger 2

According to the great business coach, Brian Tracy, in his book Titled “THE 100 ABSOLUTELY UNBREAKABLE LAWS OF BUSINESS SUCCESS”, he said and I quote

[share]“The best news of all regarding business success is that nature is neutral. If you do what other successful people do, you will get the results that other successful people get. And if you don’t, you won’t. It is as simple as that”. – Brian Tracy.[/share]

I so much agree with Brian Tracy on this and this is one of those reasons why I love to understudy what other bloggers are doing and the impact it has on their blogs.

So in this post, we will be doing a quick understudy of the Authority bloggers. I will be sharing with you some traits they possess that have helped them in achieving their blogging feat.

Trait #1 – Hard Work

Show me a lazy blogger and I will show you an average blogger!

The #1 trait that I have discovered in all top bloggers is “Hard Work”. Authority bloggers are those bloggers that work hard both night and day, they go to those extra miles an average blogger won’t be willing to go and they do the extremely hard things most people will avoid.

Taking a close look at Pros like Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Ileane Smith and a bunch of others, you will discover that they didn’t just become what they are today by luck, they are where they are as a result of hard work and labor.

Most of them used to and still write daily; you see them all around the web in forums, and various blogging communities interacting and adding values to people. They treat their blog like an office job and they do it with great commitment.

If you truly want to become an authority blogger, you need to embrace hard work to the fullest! What are you waiting for? Start treating your blog like an office job!

Trait #2 – Value before Money

It saddens my heart because these days, bloggers now place more priority on making money than adding value to their readers.

Taking a cue from authority bloggers from every corner of the web, you will discover that they usually put value first before any other thing. That is why they keep delivering great contents without selling anything or decorating their blogs with ads.

I am not against you making money from your blog, in fact, it is a “must” that you make money blogging but I am against you putting money ahead of value. I am against putting ads all over your blog and making it hard for people to find and enjoy your content. I am against copying or spinning articles to be published on your blog.

I usually tell bloggers this, “Add value to your readers consistently, and they will willingly and consistently give you their credit card whenever you need it”.

Have you heard that people buy from people they know and trust! So, if you really want to sell something to them, gain their trust first and the only way to do that is to create valuable content that help them for FREE.

If you can create value and impact knowledge into your readers, the money will surely come.

Trait #3 – Helpfulness

Most authority bloggers that I know and have interacted with are always helpful. They go out their way to help other bloggers without expecting a thing in return.

Authority bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel and Pat Flynn, does research, performs experiments and then release the result to the public with a step-by-step guide or blue print that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can use to duplicate their success and that is what I term being helpful!

If you have a dream to become an Authority blogger in your niche, you need to start helping people, get closer to your readers, interact with them, find out their problems and help them as much as you can.

Trait #4 – They are informed

Do you know that Top Bloggers are usually the ones to break words about latest update, new things, new products or latest SEO changes?

Have you ever wondered why they talk about the latest Google updates first? Have you ever wondered why some set of bloggers get to know about a new thing in your niche before you? This is because they are informed! Authority bloggers usually keep an eye out for changes and latest discoveries.

Authority bloggers are always riding on the winds of change and they have an open channel for latest news and updates in their niche.

In the online world, information is power, you can never outperform the amount the amount of information you have about a particular thing or topic, which is why authority bloggers do seek more information with passion.

If you want to be an authority blogger, you need to be informed, you need to follow trends, you need to hang out with authorities in your niche and find your own source for latest updates and information in your niche.

Trait #5 – Consistency

I have found out that authority bloggers are consistent with what they do and what they say.

Most top bloggers deliver great contents on a consistent basis. They interact on social media sites and blogging communities on a consistent basis and they give valuable tips and Advice on a consistent basis.

Consistency is one trait you can’t do without if you really want people to take you serious, you readers and followers will start believing in you if when you deliver great contents, insights and case-studies consistently.

People will automatically tag you an authority when they see that you are consistent in all you do and say. So if you want to become an authority blogger, be a consistent in terms of creating great contents and adding values to your readers.

Trait #6 – Networking/Relationship Building

One the interesting things that I have discovered about blogging is that your network determines your reach! How extensive your network is will determine how viral your content will go!

If you take a close look at authority bloggers, you will discover that they have a strong extensive network with other probloggers within and outside their niche. They know the value of building relationships and they will do anything to connect with other bloggers.

From my experience, I have also discovered that the amount of people that knows you also have a great effect on your blogging success.

Few weeks ago, Ana Hoffman of TGC did a great post on SEO for 2014 and she linked to my Image SEO Guide without me asking or knowing, and that is the power of relationship building.

So if you want to be an authority blogger, start moving with authority bloggers, follow them on twitter, add them to your Google+ Circles and mention them when necessary.

It does not matter if you are a newbie blogger or a veteran blogger; it doesn’t matter if you have ever interacted with them before, just connect with them and start a conversation.

Trait #7 – They Understand their Audience

Another great characteristic of Authority bloggers is that they understand their audience. They know what their audience likes and they give it to them. They try to find out their audience problems and they proffer a solution to it.

Know your audience is very important and it is the most important step to satisfying your readers. You can’t satisfy your readers if you don’t know them.


Becoming an authority blogger in your niche will surely take some time coupled with dedication and hard work, but I believe the traits of authority bloggers that I have shared with you will help you become a better blogger.

No one becomes a super star over night, but you can always become a super star blogger by following the examples of other super star bloggers.

Remember, “The best news of all regarding business success is that nature is neutral. If you do what other successful people do, you will get the results that other successful people get. And if you don’t, you won’t. It is as simple as that”. – Brian Tracy.

What is your view about these Traits of Authority Bloggers? Do you have any of these Traits? Kindly Share it with us in the comments.

About the Author Joseph Adediji

Joseph is a Web Enthusiast, a Tech Lover, Writer and an Internet Para-Addict!.I am the Founder of Blogging Tips Today. I love to write about Blogging, SEO, Internet Marketing and Technology.

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Ryan Biddulph says

Consistent bloggers win Joseph! I show up day after day – no matter what – to stand out. I learned this from authority bloggers. Thanks for the power tips

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Ryan,
    Consistency is indeed very important, I have personally had my share of this factor. This blog Alexa rankings and traffic dropped significantly after I disappeared from blogging and stopped updating for a while due to schooling. but the site is getting back now since I started hitting the publish button + other promotions that am doing.
    BTW, I know you show up every day and that is why you are rocking the blogosphere!
    Thanks for commenting Ryan!

Bishal Biswas says

Blogging and authority blogging has a lot of difference, and well said. Not only patience but also hard work and correct amount of strategies can make a huge change. It’s really worthy to understand the audience and giving them benefits. Well, last but not least. Thanks for the great post, Joseph Adediji.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Bishal, Welcome to BTT!
    glad you agree with me and you also enjoyed the post.
    Thanks for commenting.

Lisa says

Joseph, great post – I love when others share that you don’t make money blogging overnight or without doing the hard work. It’s not easy but one must love it to continue to do the hard work. It becomes a habit that is hard to break 🙂 I also think constency is key as many lose it after a year. I have to work more on #6, it’s hard to do that with creating content, being in the know and helping others too. It’s a total juggling act Joseph.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Lisa,
    I dont like deceiving people into blogging, and I hate it when some fake blogging gurus make people believe they can make money blogging with ease. AdSense was paying bloggers well until last month when things suddenly changed and it now seems they are only shelling out peanuts to bloggers with huge traffic.
    I tell all my followers and newbie bloggers that blogging is hard work! You dont make money blogging by writing 1 blog post per month then sit down and expect your bank account to grow.
    #6 is not that difficult, I have discovered that the easiest way to build relationships with top bloggers is to share their contents and link to them from your blog. Whenever you are opportune or less busy, just send out a tweet to them or tweet their latest blog post and from there, you will get noticed bit by bit.
    I know it is not easy, but you can do it bit by bit.
    Thanks for commenting.

Adesoji says

Absolutely, these are traits real bloggers should have a develop daily. In addition, authority bloggers knows how to swerve between business and pleasure without losing on both.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Adesoji,
    its good to see you here at BTT. Glad you agree with the traits. As you have said, Knowing the time for business and pleasure is really important for every bloggers.
    We should learn to know when to work and when to play!
    Thanks for commenting.

Shirish Dhungel says

Thanks for the tips again Joseph!
As you have told, these all are needed

i. c. daniel says

Some blog for money because they are forced to, I’ve met a lot of bloggers and behind every blog is a story, life is life Joseph, whenever you go and whatever you do you need money at every step. I can’t and I won’t be sad when I see people struggling to beat the life, a life that sends so many challenges.

See you next time buddy!

PS: So annoying, I can’t put my name how I want, instead of Daniel I want to put I. C. Daniel like I do on oter blogs. Can you fix it buddy?

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Daniel,
    thanks for sharing your views with us.
    I don’t know what is preventing you from using your name the way you want it, I think you have used I.C. Daniel here before and it worked perfectly! Anyways, I will investigate it to determine what is causing such incident.
    thanks for commenting buddy.

Jayashree says

Thanks for sharing the important traits that all bloggers need to have to become Authority Bloggers. As you have mentioned , success does not come over night I completely agree with you, We need to work hard and be persistent to achieve the goal and be successful.This is not only for blogging but for everything we do in life.

Ash Mansor says

I agree with especially in the this point “Value before money ” because without high quality website and unique value , so no money will be earned .Thanks for this good points

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Ash,
    glad you agree with my point, Giving Value is very important if you want to be a successful blogger.
    Thanks for commenting and hope to see you around here.

Nanda Rahmanius says

Hi Joseph,

Consistent and hard work. I liked the 2 traits.
I agree with you, if you want to become a authority blogger, you must understand the will of the readers and provide the information they need. I think, the main purpose of the blogging is to provide information to the reader. If possible, by reading our blog, they gain new knowledge that will be useful to them.
Thanks for sharing this inspirations with us, Joseph.
Really helpful, especially for bloggers like me 🙂


Rian Kid says

Nice tips again joseph, I am a newbie in blogging, but I want to be a professional like darren 😀 , thanks for this article.

    Joseph Adediji says

    You are welcome Rian. Glad you liked the article.
    Thanks for commenting.

BabsTheBlogger says

Wow! Joseph this is definitly one post to think about. I like it that you have taken your time to explain better these traits… I appreciate this post… Many thanks bro.. CoolStuff

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Babs,
    good to know you found the post helpful. Looking forward to seeing you around here.

Ifiokobong Ibanga says

Thank Joe for this quite informing post. I want to add to your point. Your CONTENTS must be original. Contents development is key to blogging. I recently published on Monetize: Content (But not all) is King. To avoid the problem plagiarism, I often checked my blog post to ensure it’s purely original. This will help bloggers to escape the panda slap.

sutopo says

thanks , awesomes this traits of authority site..
thanks your sharing information..
nice post

dunia remaja says

Thanks for the tips again Joseph!
As you have told, these all are needed

sophiaadams01 says

Thanks for this information, all these traits are essential which has a lot of features. These seven traits mostly use and people prefer to these steps. I am agree with this blog. Thanks

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Sophia,
    glad you agree with my post.
    Thanks for commenting.

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