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Interview with Sophie Lizard On What It Takes to Be a Successful Freelancer

Hey Guys, I am back on the blog.I recently did an interview with Sophie Lizard, Founder of Be a Freelance Blogger. She has been writing since 1979, freelancing since 2008. I hope you will enjoy the interview.Read belowsophieliazard

Welcome to BTT Sophie; please introduce yourself and what you do on your blog?

I’m a freelance blogger and copywriter, and I use my blog Be a Freelance Blogger to teach writers how to make real money blogging for hire.

When did you start blogging and what have been the experiences so far?

I started blogging on a personal blog in 2008, then started blogging on client blogs regularly from 2009/2010.

What is freelance blogging about?

It’s all about creating the type of blog content that appeals to the client’s audience. Content marketing is a huge part of many businesses’ marketing strategy, so if you’re good at putting yourself in the reader’s shoes you can find some great gigs as a freelance blogger.

Which kind of person can go into freelancing?

Freelancing takes a certain amount of dedication, willpower and self-motivation. If you don’t get out of bed until somebody tells you to, then you’re probably not cut out for freelance life. But if you’re good at managing your own time and energy to make sure things get done, it might suit you very well.

What basic skills are needed as a freelancer? 

The top skills you’ll need are communication and marketing skills. Writing skills are also important, but a great writer who never connects with potential clients isn’t going to get hired!

How soon can someone start making money from Freelancing?

Very quickly, if you approach it sensibly and target the right type of client for you. You may have to start out working for smaller businesses at lower rates to collect some clips for your portfolio, or if you’ve got relevant background experience you may be able to walk straight into a higher-paying gig.

How do you connect with your clients?

Most of my clients come to me – they email or phone to ask if I’m available to work on their projects. That happens because I’ve already got a professional reputation and a lot of happy clients who recommend me to others. For freelance writers who are trying to figure out how to get more and better gigs, The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Masterclass teaches all the tactics and techniques I’ve used to win high-paying clients.

Describe in simple steps how to start freelancing and what to do as a newcomer in freelancing?

Even in simple steps, that would be a very long description! One of the training courses I teach, Get Started for Freelance Blogging Success, covers all the things you need to do to launch your freelance blogging business within 28 days.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with our readers Sophie, can you please provide a link to one of your best posts?

Of course – check out Why You Should Step the F*ck Up to Be a Freelance Blogger!

Did you learn one or two things? Tell me in the comment section

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Jen Grisham says

Nice post and interview Bolaji! I totally agree with Sophie Lizard. Anyone can do freelancing, one just needs motivation, dedication, willpower and of course enough skills to succeed on it. I read an article before with her being interviewed back in August 2012 she gave blogging tips one of them was, “Write for your reader, not yourself.” – this had been my goal ever since and I’m thankful that people like her are there to serve as an inspiration to many! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Sam Adeyinka says

Hey Bolaji, it’s good to see you here on Joseph’s blog and to learn you run this great blog together. Kudos! 🙂

Speaking bout Sophie’s interview, trust me it was a great interview and one that I learned a lot from it.

Sohpie, thanks for the tips and I am sure gonna connect with you after this comment to learn more about freelancing since it’s what I want and have always aspire to doing.

Again Bolaji, thanks for the share. 🙂


Omoscowonder says

One thing that grab my attention here is the mention of motivation and willpower, they’re the bedrock of anyone who is successful today.
Thanks Sophie for this insights.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Yea Isaiah,
    Motivation is indeed very important to achieve success in anything we do. Am glad Sophie mentioned it.


learned so many things from sophie lizard. very famous blogger ….

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