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Why Your Readers Are Not Commenting on Your Blog Posts?

Are you feeling frustrated because you’re not getting comments on your top-notch articles? Is it that your readers are only reading (or rather skimming) your articles? Why do you think your readers are not commenting on blog posts?

Is it that they are not finding it useful? Or is it that they are lazy? Whatever the circumstances are; it’s time to get into the bottom of this thing.

blog comments

Phase 1: Finding reasons

In order to find why your readers are not commenting on blog posts, it’s important to look out for the root causes. In our first phase, we will be finding out reasons on why your readers are not commenting.

How easy it is to comment on your blog?

The first and foremost thing to get comments on your blog is to have easy (really easy) interface. It’s totally fine till the time you ask your readers to fill up the details such as name, e-mail and final comment but things looks weird when you ask them to fill up CAPTCHA. I know, you don’t like spam comment and neither do I.

But, why are you placing extra burden on shoulders of your readers? Remove CAPTCHA system right away and look for some spam prevention plugins.

Recommended Plugins:

Similarly, if you’re using any extra fields in comments section, I would recommend you to remove those.

Are you questioning your readers?

If you’re writing a long (actually very long ;)) article and throughout the article, you’re just explaining things but not asking any questions to your readers. Now, how on the earth your readers will comment? If you’re not sparking a controversy or query, no one will bother to comment on your blog.

Commenting system

There are bunch of commenting systems available in the market such as Disqus, livefyre and IntenseDebate. However, I’m using an extra layer to the default commenting system which is called CommentLuv. This plugin will surely attract bunch of bloggers to leave comments on your blog posts.

Following same old fashion for writing articles?

If you’re following same fashion or style to write 100 articles then it is likely to bore your readers. In this case, one of the best solution could be using awesome infographics or high quality YouTube videos. So, don’t be afraid to post useful infographics once in a month.

Phase 2: Getting them to Comment on Your Blog

Since I’ve discussed few key issues of why your readers won’t be commenting on your blog posts, it’s time to see if you’re following few steps that will entice your readers to comment.

Answering the doubts

If your readers are having any doubts about what you’ve written, you should never ignore them. In fact, this is the golden opportunity to get them engaged. Once they have posted a comment with doubt, do your best to solve it and at end, lure them by asking questions such as “how their blog is doing” or “what’s new on their blog” etc. In addition to this, you can also link to the related article from your blog.

How often do you comment on other blogs?

What I’ve observed throughout my blogging experience is if you do something for them, they will definitely return the favor. So, taking that principle on broader scale, if you comment on other blogs, you’ll have two benefits.

First, you’ll expand your network and reach. How? It’s so simple! When you comment on other blogs, they get to know about you and the level of curiosity is so high that most of them tend to visit your blog.

Secondly, they are likely to leave comment on your blog.

Sparking controversy

Controversial posts are always best suited for sparking discussion. However, you got to be extra careful while choosing topic that will spark controversy. And when it comes to putting your views, be super careful because it may land you in trouble.


Giveaways are one of the best ways of getting comments however the possibility is that they will be restricted to that certain post. Giveaways are mainly aimed at expanding your network through various social channels and giving exposure to your golden blog posts.

There are bunch of bloggers who think that giveaway will only take out money of their pocket and won’t benefit them at all. You’re wrong. If you know where and how to invest your money, you’ll certainly benefit from it.

The recent giveaway from my blog, gave me an awesome boost in terms of number of subscribers, Facebook fan page likes, twitter followers, tweets, google plus ones and so on and so forth.

Here is the screenshot of the activities from that giveaway. I know the giveaway wasn’t that big but it performed up to my expectations because my blog is bit new and gaining readership slowly.

Giveaway Details

Final Action

Do I need to make it clear that your final (& probably first) action would be finding reasons? Get up and hunt down the reasons and see which of the techniques can be applied to make it engaging. Most of your problems will be sorted out once you know the reasons and proper techniques that you need to follow. Till then, see you!

About the Author Pawan Bawdane

Pawan is an enthusiastic blogger who loves writing about his experience in blogging tips, making money online and optimizing the content to make it search engine friendly. You can read his latest article on preventing spam comments at eBloggingHow.

Johan Bengtsson says

Thanks for these useful tips. I will check out GASP to see if it is better than Akismet that I am using today.

I also feel that using commentLuv will also increase the comments on a blog.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    I’m currently using Akismet over GASP and that’s because I don’t want to put extra load on commentator. GASP will place a small checkbox to confirm that you’re a human (like the one that you can observe here at bloggingtipstoday) whereas Akismet will need you to churn out spam comments. Akismet does detect spam comments to place them in spam folder but it is not accurate all the time.

sai charan says

Yeah Great post. Well written

I am very worried when I don’t have any comments on my articles. But now I will follow your suggestions.

Thanks for the sharing useful info

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Sai,

    Don’t worry! I just took a look at your blog and it looks good to me. It’s just hard for new blogs to get the comments but you’ll earn them as you keep blogging. Good luck!

Gilbert Samuel says

wow! I’ve implemented everything but i never knew i was missing something. Time to go into this giveaway of a thing, a i hope it helps.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Cibert,

    Giveaway is just one another way to get good social presence around your blog. I hope you’re following other methods too. I wish you best of luck buddy.

naveena mayura says

Hi, Pawan Thanks for writing a bery uplifting blog post…. you have made and pointed the good points… in this aritcle…. I appreciate this article

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Naveen,

    I really hope that this article helps you in much better way. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Dixit says

Nice Post.. Very useful for me..Thanks for sharing…

Rakesh says

Hello Pawan,
I do not get comments on my blog, only spam comments are there, is it because i do not use commentluv plugin.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Rakesh,

    I just checked your blog link which you’ve embedded in comment. If that’s the blog you’re talking about then it will never get valuable comments. You got to put informative articles and follow the techniques that I’ve mentioned above.

    Best of luck.

gaurav says

this is very nice post after reading this post i would also comment on other blogs

but commentluv is preminium plugin

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi there Gaurav,

    Yes, it’s definitely a good move to start commenting on other blogs. I’m sure you would build good relationships with other fellow bloggers. (Don’t forget to visit mine 😉 )

    And CommentLuv offers two versions. One is absolutely free with basic and needful features. If you like them, you can always opt for premium version. Hope that helps.

Gugulethu says

Really great tips. Commenting on other blogs can really encourage others to comment on your posts as well, more especially if you have the commentluv plugin installed. Also encourage the reader to leave a comment or question within the post.

Great post Pawan 🙂

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Gugulethu,

    Yes, commentLuv attracts visitors, especially bloggers to comment. The same option is also available for blogger blogs through IntenseDebate.

sundaydriver says

A great article Pawan,
These are the questions that the blogger who doesn’t have comments on their blog may answer “no”. Or maybe their blog is not so creative and no one got interested from seeing the title.
Making controversy or adding triggering questions may catch visitors to comment on our blog. Thank you for posting it Pawan, I really enjoy.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi there,

    It was pleasure reading your words of appreciation. I’m really glad that you found my article helpful.

Alexander says

Thanks Pawan ,it’s very good information ,how to get comments on blog posts.very useful information really helpful to me……once again thanks for sharing good information.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Thank you Alexander. How is your blog doing? What strategies you’re following to get comments apart from those that I’ve mentioned above?

lexia says

wooww nice post…. I now understood why my blogs dont get any comments and response. I always post general real estate posts which are almost same. keep sharing informative things like this 🙂

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Lexia,

    I hope you now know the real reasons behind why you’re not getting comments on those real estate articles. Keep visiting BloggingTipsToday and my own blog (

Zeeshan Malik says

very nice article. can u tell me any of spam controler software which is free akisment is not free and not working in my site.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi there,

    As per my knowledge, Akismet is completely free buddy. If you really want alternatives to that, check out GASP, Anti-spam and CleanTalk. They are the best in it.

Ismail N says

Honestly, do we really need people to comment on our blog? I’ll prefer they read and comment only when they have valid question.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Ismail,

    I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the importance of comments. I’m not at all suggesting that we should force our readers to post comment. I’ve just discussed some of the techniques which can help you to get more comments.

    Discussion in the form of comments is always a better way to create a good readership around your blog. Let me know what’s your opinion on this. 🙂

sindu says

Thanks Pawan ,it’s very good information ,how to get comments on blog posts.very useful information really helpful to me

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Sindu,

    I’m happy that you found this information very useful. Don’t be afraid to share it with your friends and readers.

Chirag Mishra says

Great post ,well explained and an awesome subject, I like your post. I am totally agree with this portion “How easy it is to comment on your blog?”

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Chirag,

    It’s so nice to hear that you liked this post a lot.

SAJID says

Well we have a easy commenting system but it is really strange that having a huge traffic to our blog….But still no comments. 🙁
I dont know why people only love to comment on commentluv blogs and not on others…:(

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Sajid,

    People especially bloggers have the tendency of leaving comment where they would be allowed to place a proper back-link. CommentLuv allows to do the same and that’s why most of the commentators are enticed to comment.

    If you’ve very high traffic on your blog, are you sure you’re following techniques that I’ve mentioned above? like sparking controversy? Just give them a try and report me here.

Richa says

Nice and well written article , I think it’s important for every blogger . I really appreciate your approach.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Richa,

    Thanks a lot for putting your views here.

Ratul says

Great post.Really well written article and informative also.Thanks for sharing Pawan…

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Ratul,

    I really appreciate you for taking time out and visiting my article. Thanks a bunch.

Hirok says

I really feel fraustrated when i don’t get any comment on my blog post. Now i get very useful information. Thanks.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Hirok,

    This is how exactly I felt in the beginning. I know it’s bit hard to see your articles not getting any comments. However, you can also ask friends and bloggers from your niche to stop by and drop a comment.

Vivek says

You share informative view regarding blog comment. I get comment on my blog but not too much. May your post help me get it. thanx

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Vivek,

    I’m sure that these tips will help you in getting comments on your blog. Don’t forget to share your experience with me.

Kabenlah says

Sparking controversies has always being style. It’s of course one of he surest ways to get comments.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Kabenlah,

    Exactly! And interestingly, it works for the most of the time. Did you write any article by sparking controversy on your blog?

Nermeen says

Thanks for the very useful tips, I will try to follow these on my blog to get more comment. I really think it is also due to the traffic and the place on search engine that affects commenting.

Please check my blog:
If you have any comments I would love to hear them.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hi Nermeen,

    First of all, why you’re not using Top level domain? It really matters a lot. It has nothing to do with the traffic. If you’re providing enticing or controversial content on your blog, people will comment.

Ionut says

Thank you for this article. I have picked up a few pointers from you and will implement them ASAP. Subscribed !

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Ionut,

    Glad you liked it so much and subscribed. Thank you so much.

Gwen says

Hi Pawan, your article is so valuable to me because I’m new to blogging and learning everyday. When I first started I got many spam comment than I got Akismet for $5 a month it helped, my blogger friend put a word press anti spam plugin on my blog, it stop the spammers, now I don’t get any comments but as you stated in your article I will be using all of the techniques. I can’t wait to try the CommentLuv , boy if I could blog like you…..check me out! Eager to keep learning. Thanks…I appreciate you!

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Gwen,

    Your friend is already taking care of your blog with extreme passion. He/she did suggest some of the best or rather useful plugins and I must appreciate him/her. I’m already using commentLuv on my blog and I’m sure you would love it. Keep blogging!


Dhanasekar venkatesh says

Useful tips for the new bloggers like me.

Shannon says

This was a very helpful article. People want to blog, but really don’t understand how to generate traffic and the process for success. I think you offered some really good advice about writing articles pertaining to something that will spark the interest of the reader. Also, I liked the return the favor of blog info. Great information and it is obvious success will continue to follow you, keep of the great work!

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hello Shannon,

    I’m currently working on e-book which shall address various key issues such as how to get started with your blog in the first three months. I hope I’ll release it soon.

    Thank you so much and I wish you good luck.

Ann Mullen says

Good article. I wish we could use commentluv, but we have Hubspot software and it’s not compatible.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Ann,

    Thanks a bunch. Yeah, commentLuv isn’t compatible with hubspot. However, you can certainly try other techniques that I’ve mentioned above.

christine john says

Wo0oW. I like it ( :

Pawan says

Hey, my name is also Pawan. I like your information. I really likes to blog, but every time i fails to generate traffic to my blog. So i am thinking to give up. But now by reading your post, i may hope to get some traffic. Thanks for this article. I won’t give up.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Pawan,

    Yeah, we both have same name. Funny! 😉

    There could be various reasons to why you’re not getting traffic. The most critical ones includes no link building, not writing quality contents etc. There is a whole lot of explaination to each of those points. Let me just link to one of the article that I wrote recently about how to get traffic to new blog.

suresh says

nice your post but i have a qus. to u i have a wallpaper blog i start it about 9 month later but i have only 50pageview/day and no commenting i have also insttal cooment luv but no futher deffernt so plz tell me what reason my blog url

Hafeez Khan says

Awseome posts bro. These are all very interesting tips for blogging users.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Hafeez,

    Thank you so much bro. I hope these tips help you as well as other fellow bloggers who are finding it difficult to get comments.

Amit Sharma says

You really wrote a very effective article. I will now take care of my visitors and follow your points. Thanks again for sharing this useful article. Keep updating.

    Pawan Bawdane says

    Hey Amit,

    Thank you for stopping by. I’m sure you’ll get good success by following the tips that I’ve mentioned above.

Cris Lea says

Entertaining post! Maybe they don’t like what you have stated on your blog post. But, make it better next time. Thank you.

Muneeb Ahsan says

I do agree with you we don’t need to put extra burden on the shoulders of our readers, if we do the result will be alarming for the traffic aspect of the blog. and yes, a blog posting should contain some kind of question as well so that the reader will comment accord to that after reading the post. Thanks for sharing , nice article contains a complete solution on the issue.

Tim Ebl says

How much difference does it make to search engines if people comment? I remember reading a few years back that comments are also indexed and are seen as adding content to your blog, but I’m not sure if that actually is true…
The big problem I’ve run into is all of the spam that leaks through unless I moderate everything, even when using catchable and Akismet. It is such a workload to find real comments sometimes. Maybe it is the niches I am in, attracting all the spam?

yoni simons says

Most importantly – write something NEW, not just the same stuff they already know. Otherwise you might get a “great article” post, but not many. The thing that makes people comment is: if thhere are already good comments posted.

Marco Callies says

Hell Yeah, great Post! It explains much what the most people not obrserve. In any kind, youre totaly right.

I hope we’ll read more of your amazing articles.

Thanks alot

Josh Hunt says

I’d like to get more comments. thanks for the ideas.

Jeannette says

Thanks for this valuable information. Actually i am getting sick on received tonne of spam comment daily in my blog. I have zero experience on preventing it. I just delete it day by day..huhu, could you give me some suggestion on that?

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Jeannette,
    Install FV Antispam plugin and GASP on your blog.

Apoorv Agarwal says

Good one!
I consider that posts on blogs should be completely out of the world or should be unique to get comments. Comments quality also matters nowadays!
Uniqueness matters according to me nowadays!
This post was a great boost up!

Kingsley Agu says

Will try the “Sparking controversy” a try. People love those people who contradicts things in a weird and cool well.

I pray it works for me.

Stefi says

Hi Pawan,

yes it is really a great post i have ever seen on blogging to attract visitors to comment on our post. thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I will work on my new blog posts and hopefully i will get benefit as you have discussed.

nikhil20 says

Great Post…
I like the way you present your point of view….
thank you for sharing this great article with us… 🙂

Gaga says

I have installed CommentLuv plugin but there was several versions. I installed the first one with four stars. Maybe later I will try some more.

Nehemiah says

Spam is one of the biggest problem I am having, twenty comments, all spam although it doesn’t publish until I accept it, what else I did was to divert all post with 1 Url to spam, from there I scrutinize it.

Cyracks zenda says

WordPress blogging platform is a better place where people love to drop comments because they get something back unlike blogger platform

Manoj Kotak says

Very useful and helpful post for bloggers. You are absolutely right when we get traffic and do not get comments it becomes frustrating and confusing for us as to what is wrong with the content. Secondly it becomes futile exercise as i the absense of any comments it becomes monologue instead of an interaction.

vishwasets says

you take a great point.You are absolutely right when we get traffic and do not get comments it becomes frustrating and confusing for us as to what is wrong with the content.

Denny says

I agree with the your article Pawan. All thing you shared with are the reason for not commenting on our sites. It was very good experience of sharing this wonderful article with us .thanks for your post!

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