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Top 10 [free] Plugins Every Blog Must Have!

The WordPress framework is a wonderful framework for bloggers, this framework has made it very easy to setup and manage a blog. The best thing about WP is that it is very flexible and it can be easily optimized for any desired feature with the help of plugins.

There are millions of plugins that are available in the plugins depository, but the truth is that not all these plugins are worth using, but there are some plugins that you should have as a blogger. Top-10-Wordpress-Plugins

These must have plugins are really important for the overall success and management of your blog. I have come across and tested various blogging in my over 3 years of blogging experience and I have found some useful plugins that I believe every bloggers should have.

The plugins I will be recommending in this post are all free 😀 so there is no reason for you not to have them. With these plugins, you blog will look better, rank better and work better.


# 1.     All in One SEO Pack

We all as bloggers, we all know that search engine optimization is really important; we need to setup our blog so that we can easily be found by search engines. So, to this effect the first plugins I always recommend is the All in One SEO plugin.

AIO SEO is a great search engine optimization plugin that I believe all blogs should have; this plugin lets you add necessary META Tags to your blog and also helps you to optimize your blog titles for better search engine rankings.

# 2.     Google XML Sitemap

The Google XML sitemap is another SEO plugin every blogger must have on their blog. Google XML sitemap creates a XML sitemap which is read by Search engine bots on your blog.

The main function of the XML sitemap is to make crawling of your blog pages easy and faster for search engine bots. If you really want to get your posts and blog indexed quickly and completely (which I bet you want) then this is the go to plugin to help you with this.

# 3.     FV Antispam

FV Antispam is one plugin that I was lucky to discover as soon as I started blogging with WordPress. The FV antispam plugin is a plugin that will help you to fight spam from bots; this plugin will automatically detect bot comments and it will block it or send it to your spam folder.

This plugin is a great replacement to Akismet and it has always come handy and helpful for me on all my blogs. So, if you want to prevent spammers and spam bots from filling your blog with junk comments, then this is the go to plugin for you.

# 4.     FS Contact Form

Having a contact page on your blog is really important; it makes it easy for your readers and potential clients to contact you.

There are lots of plugins that can help you with creating a contact form on your blog, but the one am addicted too and I have been using for a long time is the FS contact form plugin.

This plugin is easy to setup, just install, activate and go to the options page to make some few changes if you want and if you don’t, just copy the form code and you are good to go.

# 5.     Better WP Security

Better WP security is a plugin I stumble upon some months ago and I believe all bloggers should have this plugin. This plugin will help you manage all security vulnerabilities that are known with the WordPress framework.

Better WP Security will make your blog more secure and less prone to attacks and hacks. The plugin is easy to setup, you don’t need to edit any code or mess with your blog, this plugin handles everything with just a click of your button.

# 6.     SABRE

SABRE is also an awesome plugin that you must have on your blog especially if your blog is open to registration. If you have your registration option turned on your blog or you plan to do so, then you must install SABRE plugin now.

This plugin will protect your blog from spam and bots registration, these days spammers now target blogs and they create accounts on several blogs hoping to get a link from the profile page I guess.

With this plugin installed, they won’t have that opportunity with your blog, so if you don’t want to get thousands of spam registration like I got on one of my blogs, you should install this plugin today.

# 7.     WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a plugin that will help you improve your blog performance, speed, and the overall user experience of your blog.

Most people (like me) don’t have the luxury and patience of waiting for a slow loading blog to complete it loading expenditure, what people (like me) simply do is to hit the CLOSE TAB button and move on to the next site.

You may be wondering why I prefer this plugin to other cache plugins that are available, the reason is quite simple, THIS PLUGIN IS SIMPLE TO USE and if you are familiar with me, you should know by now that I value simplicity.

So, if you want to improve your blog rankings, improve your blog speed and improve the overall user experience of your blog, then WP Super cache is your go to plugin.

# 8.     Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a social networks sharing plugin that is very common, this plugin is very useful and it is always updated. Digg Digg makes sharing of your content across social media sites a breeze for your readers.

With Digg Digg installed on your blog, your readers can easily share your content and recommend that awesome post they just read on your blog to their friends.

If you don’t know, the social floating bar by the left of this page is a live demo of Digg Digg at work. So, if you want more social engagement and mentions of your blog, Digg Digg is your go to plugin.

# 9.     nRelate Related Content

I used to use other plugins to display related contents beneath my blog posts but since I found and tested nrelate Related content plugin, I have found it more attractive and appealing.

Displaying related content on your blog can help you keep your readers locked to your blog as well as decrease your blog bounce rate. A typical example of this plugin at work can be found beneath this blog post.

If you want to showcase other related contents on your blog and keep readers glued to your blog, I will strongly advise you to install this plugin; it is quite handy and easy to use.

# 10. WP Touch

WP Touch is one of those first plugins I usually install when am setting up a blog for myself or my clients.  We all know that the use of Tablets and mobile devices are becoming rampant these days and it is great to carter for your readers that will be accessing your blog via a mobile device.

This is where WP Touch comes to play; this plugin will format your blog with a mobile theme for visitors on Apple iPhone / iPod touch, Google Android, Blackberry Storm and Torch, Palm Pre and other touch-based smart phones.

It is advisable to have this plugin because who knows, you may have a larger share of your readers on mobile devices and high-end phones.

So far, I have shared with you 10 plugins that I believe are valuable to your blog. Install these plugins today and have a better blog.

What other plugins do you use or have found valuable? Kindly share them with us in the comments.

Note: You can get all these plugins by searching via your blog dashboard or going to


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Mohammad ismail says

in these all plugin one of the plugin which i was missing on techvela is WP Touch , thanks for sharing such a nice info about plugins

raplus herath says

I have use both All in one seo plugin and Yoast. As a SEO plugin, Yoast is better than All in one SEO for me. So I recommend Yoast. And I don’t have used FS Contact Form plugin. I have used contact7 plugin to create a contact form.

WPStuffs says

Thanks a lot for this list…but I dont use many of them…for example I use SEO by Yoast which also provides XML for my I need not use plugins for XML sitemap generation such as Google XML site-maps.

Rauf Arshad says

i missed the dig dig plug in and Better WP Securtiy i have missed these two important plugins i think u missed the social plugin …

Damilare Bakare says

thanks for this amazing post, not using wordpress now but when i do i will refer to this post, thanks josylad

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