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How to Invoke the Spirit of Writing and Overcome Writers’ Block

We’ve always strived to provide our readers with the best on this blog. After getting several emails on how to overcome writers block, last week the demand for this post rose when we got many more readers asking us to provide answers to this similar question.

Over the years, Joseph has always been a fantastic writer providing not just great but very informative posts for his various successful blogs. Apart from this, he guest posts frequently plus also takwriting blockes up freelance jobs. On the average of a week he writes up to 25 posts.

Also, aside from being a co-author on this blog, I take up many freelance writing jobs plus also providing content for a blog I run for my campus alone aimed at keeping students updated.

Now to how we write this much and overcome the dreadful spirit called writers burn out/block is what I’ll be discussing in a short while.

The truth is that we can’t claim not to have experienced or to be immune to this “phenomenon”. Personally, I’ve had my own share of it which almost killed my writing career.

Writers’ Block is a very sharp career killer and that is why you’ve to learn how to deal with it using the simple but very effective tips I’ll be exposing.

This post will teach to how to invoke the spirit of writing anytime you start noticing writing burnout in you, how to overcome it and how to get new posts ideas.

Why do people get tired of writing?

Is it that they don’t have passion or what? No. They’ve passion but this dreadful spirit attacks their writing passion first before finishing their career.

It is natural for anyone including writers to break down, even machines do! But you mustn’t watch your writing career die so you must master how to effectively prevent this.

Warning: Scan reading this post will not do you any good as I’ve purposely embedded some special points for only the readers who are patient enough to read and tap it.

Another question is “what causes writers burnout?

When drafting this post this wasn’t part of my plan, I include this because I just reasoned that many writers don’t even know the root cause of their problems and this is why they keep getting attacked by this virus of burnout every time.

The best cure is to find a lasting solution to problem instead of the going for the “temporary cures”.

A major reason why writers block attack most people is because they haven’t yet mastered how to enjoy their writing.

I recommend you check out 7 Practical Tips to enjoying your Writing later to learn how to enjoy writing to the fullest.

Ways to be inspired towards writing

As I told you earlier, I’ll be treating permanent cure and not the usual old stories.

These are the powerful ways to invoke the spirit of writing.

Use another writer

Using another writer doesn’t mean you should hire writers. It simply means you should use another writer as your writing inspiration. I don’t know if you’ll understand but this alone is keeping growing every day.

There are many ways to do this but the way I do mine is quite funny. On the wall of my room is pasted a list of the 20 most successful internet writers I’ve carefully selected. Every morning, I wake up to remind myself not about how I must be like them but how I must work hard and beat their records.

Trust me. This is not envy in any form; this is just to increase the inspiration for writing in me. I’m constantly reminded to write because of this.

Any time I’m running into writers’ burnout, I look up to this list and see why I must write. Last month I took this technique quite far by hanging a picture of my favourite writer on the wall of my writing room.

This is even more effective than the list I previously mentioned but combining the two has been producing very great results for my writing inspiration.

Read, Read and Read

You’ve probably seen this many times and felt it doesn’t work. Well, it does work. Reading a lot is proven to have great influence on your writing.

I’ve 50 books target this year and I recently just finished my seven book goal for this month. These seven books really helped me a lot.

Reading a lot is very effective, it’ll only widen your horizon about things but also help you feel inspired towards writing when going through the works of other writers.

Of course you can also get post ideas from books.

Become an Eavesdropper

This may be funny to you but trust me; it really works well for me. Sometimes around last week I was stuck of post ideas for the blog I run for my campus. I brainstormed and brainstormed all over again but post ideas seemed to be lost.

Although this wasn’t a deliberate action, I visited one of coffee lounge on campus to get a cup of coffee. There I sat to drink my coffee when I unintentionally started listening to a group of students arguing over whether a female student can win as the President of the Student Union Government in the coming student elections of my school.

Then the idea of a controversial post struck me, all I was longing for rushed into me. The spirit of writing descended. I didn’t leave that spot till I completed a 1000 word post after carefully listened to the both sides of the argument.

I not only wrote a good post but a post that went very viral in school and in less than 2hrs of writing the post I had more than 800 page views.

Since then, I have started using eavesdropping as a source of inspiration to write. I eavesdrop almost everywhere and jot down post ideas.

Of course I like it because I don’t have to brainstorm too much, someone else is indirectly providing the ideas.

Learn to use Forums:

It is a pity that many bloggers still don’t realise how greatly forums can help your blog. The act of using forums if smartly mastered can be a great source of inspiration to overcome writers’ block.

Since forums are online discussions with many people asking questions, you’ll constantly get inspiration to write posts on these questions if you’re very active on forums.

You don’t have to think about the next post to write all the time, just log into your favourite forum (the one about your niche) and check the threads there. These will compel you to develop an urge for writing.

One great thing about the post ideas you will get from forums is that these kinds of posts are of targeted audience since it is trending there.

Don’t tell me that if you log into a forum now and see that 100 people have asked about how to get new subscribers to their blogs you won’t be urged to write a post concerning that topic on your own blog even if you don’t feel like doing so before.

This is exactly how forums help.

Writing Games Techniques

This is not so common, perhaps because if might sound foolish to some people. But the truth is that it has helped and is helping me more than I expected the day I thought of this technique.

To use this, you’ve to get 1 or 2 other people. What you’ve to simply do is to give yourselves a writing range. I started mine with my co-author (Joseph). We made an agreement not to break rules and stay disciplined as best as possible.

We told ourselves that we’ll to write 7 posts each in   3 days and anyone who fails will write an additional 3 posts.

Of course, being the first time playing the game, we both failed and had to write additional 3 more posts each. The second time we played the game, he won so I had to write another 3 post for his blog.

This made me determined to win the next one and before we knew it we had published 35 posts in just 3weeks on our blogs. As the game gets more interesting, I got more determined each time not to lose, my partner didn’t want to lose too so sometimes we just end up with a tie.

We indirectly invoked the spirit of writing and wrote more posts for our blogs. We submitted some as guest posts and distributed others to our other blogs.

Now that you have been exposed to the secrets of how to invoke the spirit of writing, let’s get down with the next post ideas you can use to create contents for your blog.

  • Write a controversial post
  • Interview an influential blogger in your niche
  • Ask your readers to ask questions
  • Solve a big problem (like this post)
  • Write about your blogging experiences
  • Try out Info-graphics
  • Accept a guest post
  • Write the shortest post ever on your blog
  • Write a contrasting view to the opinion of another popular blogger
  • Write a Top list post
  • Write about something you like or don’t like on other blogs
  • Ask what your readers will like to see on your blog
  • Write about why others fail
  • Write about your biggest mistake
  • Compile a list of inspirational quotes
  • Juxtapose between two working techniques
  • Call another blogger for a debate on your blog (expect one on this blog very soon)
  • Write about a book you recently found amazing
  • Recycle your old posts.

About the Author David Schneider

Dave is the Co-Founder of Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and

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Jemma Taylor says

This is great. When I am writing in my passion, it just flows. I’m going to remember these tips. I loved your opening too. Great attention grabber. You held my attention to the end and I didn’t even skim. LOL!

    Bolaji Tojola says

    Hi Jemma,
    I’m glad you find this post interesting.
    Thanks for your comment and hope to always see you around

Akos Fintor says

Hey Bolaji,

I never write if I don’t feel inspired. I think is important. Otherwise blogging becomes just another means to an end.

Great tips!
Thanks for sharing your insight!
Akos Fintor

    Bolaji Tojola says

    Hi Akos,
    Thanks so much for your comment and hope to always see you around!

Will Muller says

Excellent advice, Bolaji; thanks for sharing! You may also find some good tips here:

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