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Friday Recommendations: Link Roundups for June 28, 2013

Friday Recommendations: Link Roundups for June 28, 2013

Welcome to the another edition of BTT link roundups known as “Friday Recommendations” featuring the best posts of the week in Blogging, SEO, Traffic and social media. As always, this week I will be sharing with you some awesome posts that I came across during the course of the week!

 bloggers forum banner Friday Recommendations: Link Roundups for June 28, 2013

Let’s see what we have on my recommendations list for this week.  BTT link roundups 150x150 Friday Recommendations: Link Roundups for June 28, 2013


  • WordPress Trackbacks & Pingbacks: How to Use Them For SEO & Traffic - In this post Ana, explained what trackbacks and pingbacks really are, with some cool image illustrations. Most bloggers don’t quite know the difference between the two, but this post by Ana clarifies everything. She also explains how trackbacks and pingbacks affect your blog, both positively and negatively.
  • SEO Tips: Courtesy of the Kardashians (Sorta) - This is a great guest post by Sarah Oudin, at WBB; in this post she makes a comparison  of the Kardashians lifestyle with SEO. She highlights some SEO tips that we can learn from the Kardashians.
  • 5 Unique Ways to Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic - As you know, Traffic is the life-blood for any online business model and any monetization strategy requires a consistent inflow of relevant visitors. In this post you will learn how to boost your blog traffic with 5 unique ways that works well.





  • 26 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Content Strategy - This is an awesome long post on content creation using Social Media that you should read. In this Post, Debbie shared 26 topics, an A-Z guide, with key points that will help you create a social media content strategy that resonates with your audience.



This is it for this week! These are the Articles that I have found very useful out of the various articles I read this week. Next Friday is another day, make sure you don’t miss my recommendations.

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