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Expert Chat: Enstine Muki Teaches Us How to Monetize Our Blogs

Hello Our Dear Readers, You are welcome to the Ultra-Unique section of this blog, the “Expert Chat” Section where we get to have a chat with various Experts in the blogosphere on a “single” particular topic. enstine muki

Today on expert chat, our guest is Enstine Muki of He is an expert when it comes to Blogging and Blog Monetization and we will be having a chat on How To Monetize a Blog with him.

Join me as we learn from Enstine’s Experience and Insight.

ME: Hi Enstine, it’s nice to have you here, can you kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

Enstine:  Of course Joe 😉 I’m Enstine Muki, PHP developer and the money making blogger. I used to be a very lazy writer but since I started blogging in 2012, my writing skills have improved big time.

Me: I have known you for a while now & I know you are a great Blogger; how did you get into the blogging business?

Enstine: In 2011, I created EasyRetweet, a traffic tool for bloggers. This brought me closer to many bloggers like Justin of Dragonblogger, Brian of Blogengage, Kiesha of WeBlogBetter, Ileane of BasicBlogTips and a couple of others. These guys inspired me a lot to start my own blog. However, the immediate boost in 2012 was from Brian of BlogEngage. I remember publishing my first ever blog post on blogengage before even starting my own blog.

Me: To Start with, what is Blog monetization?

Enstine: Let me put it this way … it is every activity around your blog to generate income.

Me: what are the different ways to make money blogging?

Enstine: Blogging in itself cannot make the money. It is monetizing your blogging activities that makes the money. Traditionally, we can think of a few ways to monetize ones blog like advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, Adsense, selling of your own products, building money making list, etc.

Me: Do you think every blog has the potential to make money?

Enstine: Any blog can be monetized. It’s a matter of what the owner wants. If you have the kind of traffic needed, you can earn some income from your blog. Like I said above, there is no way you can make money blogging without applying some monetizing plans

Me: Right now, how are you monetizing your blog?

Enstine: I have some banners on my blog and these have generated some earnings. My blog is barely 3 months as we speak so it’s not ripe enough to implement some other money making strategies

Me: Can you enlighten us more about how you make money blogging so that we too can learn from your strategies & Methods.

Enstine: Before I sold out my first blog, I used to do well in paid posts and a bit of affiliate marketing. However, I can clearly discuss with you 3 ways you should focus on and make some real money from your blog;

Before I mention these ways, the first thing one has to do is focus on building an active blogging community. Your blogging community is what attracts the money. Your community is your source of traffic, which is one of the most essential elements to generate income from your blog.

Let me say this! Product reviews have proven to be one of the top ways to milk money from your blog. If you succeed is writing in-depth sincere reviews of affiliate products, chances of making recurring sales from the review posts are very high

Combining the powers of banners and sponsored posts can be another heavy source of income online. In this guest post, I have written details on how to do this by making your blog an irresistible point of attraction.

Today, people get paid to submit content to other sites. Some of these sites pay something between $15 and $500 per post. All you need do is search for such platforms, follow their instructions and you should be up for some good deals

Me: Do you accept paid posts?

Enstine: Yes of course. That’s one of my monetizing strategies.

Me: What is your opinion as regarding publishing paid posts?

Enstine: Both parties stand to benefit – while the blog owner gets some monetary benefits, the content producer gains some more extra exposure. However, we have to be cautious here. Google frowns at any web activity that involves monetary transaction for link placement especially if the link is dofollow and keyword rich.

Me: Do you monetize your blogs with AdSense? If yes, has it been lucrative?

Enstine: I don’t think Adsense is the right strategy for my main blog. Currently I’m doing a demo of the newly published Google’s WordPress AdSense Plugin. So far, the results are not encouragement though that may largely depend on the newness of my blog.

Me: Can you recomMend AdSense as a monetization strategy to a new blogger and why?

Enstine: New bloggers should not even start with any form of blog monetizing.  This will constitute a source of discouragement. You may get obsessed by the idea of making money and when the money fails to come, you understand the result. My opinion is that Adsense should be practiced on blogs with relatively high traffic.

[share]New bloggers should focus on building a profile and a community.[/share]

Must ReadHow I Got AdSense Approval on a 6 Weeks Old Blog.

Me: Which monetization Methods are your Top Income Sources?

Enstine: Like I said above, my blog is very new and I don’t want to mess around it now.  However, Affiliate banners, product reviews and paid postings have always made the bigger figures for me

Me: Do you monetize your blogs through affiliate marketing? Does it convert well?

Enstine: Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways I make money online. However, conversion depends on which method is used to pull traffic to different affiliate products. Product reviews have always had a more comfortable conversion for me.

Me: Can you give us Some tips that we can use for making money via affiliate marketing?

Enstine: The first thing I can say here is that you should promote products you have used. This is the best way to make more sales.  Secondly offer special bonuses. I use this and it’s working quite well.

Thirdly, get to the product owner for a special discount code for your readers. Fourthly, promote products that pay recurring commissions.

Me: If you are to stick with just “ONE” monetization Method, which will you choose?

Enstine: Affiliate marketing by doing product reviews

Me: Since you started blogging, what have been your highest earnings in a month?

Enstine: I earn from different sources online but roughly once last year, I can remember I had something over $1800 from my main blog. I need to go back to check the exact month. This was from sponsored posts, affiliate sales generated from the blog and sales of my own products that came through the blog

Me: From your experience so far, do you believe a blogger can achieve a 4-figure incoMe?

Enstine: Of course but that comes through many channels. We have read success stories from JohnChow, Pat Flynn and a couple of others. Bloggers can earn a full time income online

Me: What advice as regard making money blogging do you have for my readers?

Enstine:  Don’t be obsessed about it. Focus on building an active blogging community. Work hard and smart to drive targeted traffic. Monetize the traffic by writing in-depth affiliate product reviews.

ME: To finish off, how can our readers connect with you?

Enstine: My blog has all the contacts including social media links

Thanks for the chat Joe. I really appreciate and wish your readers a happy money making journey.


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Nirmala says

I would say that it is an useful post for the bloggers to understand the monetization concepts. Thanks for sharing it with us Joseph.

Currently I monetized my blog with Adsense and I used to get paid posts rarely. I am thinking to get into the AM and product reviews, so concentrating to improve my blog’s traffic. I’ve bookmarked this post for reference.

Thanks for revealing your earning strategies Enstine sir 🙂

    Joseph Adediji says

    Its great to see you here again Nirmala,
    glad you found this interview helpful, AdSense is a good monetization strategy but I am not just a fan of it any more. i used to have it here on this blog, but I intentionally removed it.
    I prefer affiliate marketing and i will stick with that.
    thanks for visiting and commenting

    Enstine Muki says

    Hi Nirmala,
    I think concentrating to improve your blog traffic is a huge step towards generating a huge income. That’s the right thing to do 😉

Mi Muba says

Hey Joseph thanks for interviewing such an awesome blogger. You really put the right questions to extract maximum tips on blog monetization which he superbly answered. Thanks for sharing such a useful contents.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Mi,
    Glad you liked the interview, thanks for commenting.
    hope to see you around here.

shamsudeen says

Hi Joe,
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from the man known for his great ability to make money from blogs, Enstine Muki.

I have just come to know him recently and from what I observed, he is not just a business blogger but also a very good person. Is good to hear from the man himself that he created easyretweet; I used that tools a lot and would love to say “Thank you Muki” for giving us that great tool.

Once again, thank you Jo, this interview is really an eye opener. I learned some great lessons here and will certainly put them to work on my blog.

Do have a wonderful day. Thank you.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Shamshudeen,
    Enstine is indeed a great guy and I have known him for over year now.
    I am glad you enjoyed the interview, have a great day ahead!

    Enstine Muki says

    Thank you Shamshudeen for your kind words and I appreciate you making a comment on this post 😉

    Thanks Joe for featuring me too

i. c. daniel says

A pleasure to read this interview, and learn from pros right?! Sure thing!
I know Enstine, I’m one of his loyal readers, perhaps the most… he knows 😀

Affiliate marketing indeed rocks, Adsense shouldn’t be neglected, there’s chances to get $2-$3 CPC without problems, the main problems remains traffic, and especially organic traffic really works with Adsense and that’s because ads convert and we get higher CPC.

See you next time buddy! Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

PS: why you don’t put a favicon to your site? simply upload the favicon file via FTP to your root directory and reload page to see the magic 😀

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Daniel,
    Glad you liked this Interview. I know you are a regular reader of Enstine’s blog, I have seen you around there quite a number of time.
    You are right about AdSense, but to be sincere does $2 -$3 CPC are flukes and it happens just once a while besides, I prefer affiliate marketing to AdSense.
    You can make good income from affiliate marketing with just a little traffic compared to Adsense.
    BTW, I used to have a favicon, but I guess it disappear when I upgraded my theme, I will readd it now
    thansk for visiting and commenting.

    Enstine Muki says

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the engagement on Joe’s blog
    Of course I know you are a very loyal reader and subscriber. People like you make me a happy blogger 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend bro

Harleena Singh says

Hi Joseph and Enstine,

This is indeed a lovely chat, and there could be no one better than you Enstine, to talk about money and how to make it 😉

I still keep going back and reading your guest post on my blog about making money to remain motivated and get started because I know you shared some real nuggets with us that day, just as you mentioned them here. I guess I should talk more once I get started with making money, though I agree that a strong blogging community is perhaps the first things every blogger should aim to create, isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Harleena,
    its is great to see you here. Enstine is indeed a great guy and he is one of those bloggers that i actually know that is making money blogging; a lot of fake earners are out there but Enstine is one guy that is good at what he does.
    Thanks for reading and commenting, do have a wonderful weekend too.

Shalu Sharma says

Enstine is a great blogger and has lots of good tips on blogging all round. I am regular reader of his blog and have learnt a lot from him. Thanks for pointing that adsense plugin. If you want to learn how to make money from your blog then he is the one stop destination.

Nanda Rahmanius says

Hi Joseph,

Awesome conversation from awesome blogger, indeed!
I know Enstine Muki and his blog. I also know that he is a blogger who is an expert in making money from blogs. I also learned a lot from his blog 🙂

This conversation can be an eye opener for me. My skills in blogging is still lacking, because of that I still need to learn a lot. These conversations provided many lessons for me.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Joseph.
And thanks for revealing your thoughts and your way in gaining earnings from blogs, Enstine. I really appreciate it 😉


    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Nanda,
    it is good to know that you enjoyed the interview. Enstine is indeed a great guy and one of those bloggers that knows how to make some quick cash online.
    Improving as a blogger is a continuous thing, we all keep learning everyday and that is one of the fun that comes with blogging. When it comes to blogging, we are all a learner!
    Keep learning Nanda and I wish you good luck with your blog.

      Nanda Rahmanius says

      Hi Joseph,

      Yes, you’re right. Every time I find a new knowledge about blogging, the more I feel that I need more to learn. I totally agree with you that blogging is a continuous thing.

      I will keep learning!
      Thanks for your humility comments, Joseph.
      Hoping you have a splendid weekend. 🙂


Naveen says

Enstine, another great day with you here on Joseph’s blog.

One of the most talking topic in this blog sphere is making money and how we effectively use the ways to monetize our blog, coz if we take 2 blogs in to action which started in the same period shouldn’t make same money and readers trust.

So first of all before we go in to monetization, we should connect like minded people and give them the details they like or seek.

To do this powerfully, social medias and blogging communities play vital role which has proved by many established bloggers.

Enstine, did this part and enjoying the piece of a pie, all I say is firstly we should make a layer between us and reader is building trust, once we get in to readers trust, that do the rest part eventually.

Thanking you, have a wonderful weekend.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for the added points. I agree very well with you, you need to solve people’s problem and build a relationship with your readers before you start thinking about making money from your blog.
    Thanks for commenting.

qasim says

Hi Enstine,

It’s great to see here as well my friend sharing your experience. I have learnt a lot of things through reading your blog posts and your guest posts on other blogs as well. To do confirm what you are saying, paid post and product reviews can bring serious money. I have published 4 product reviews for 50$ each on my blog and I have made 100$ from publishing paid posts. I need to keep working on building my blog community to get more consistent posts. Thanks again.

aceclue says

Hi Joseph,

I love the chat with the blogger and money maker, Enstine Muki. His success with his blog isn’t by magic.

I think such achievement within the short time is a result of proper planning before and after the blog is set up.

Then, the mass of experience he had with blog and monetisation made the growth rapid.

I hope any blogger that reads this must have one or two things to adopt to her online business.


Anz says

Good one..
I used to be a great fan of his passive income blog.Good teacher he is .And this interview just made sure i don’t run into the pitfalls of blogging.Traffic is the prime intent of a blogger and you can gradually shift gears to enlarging frames of Money making.But don’t be too quick .Yep the pitfalls

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Anz,
    glad found the interview helpful and yes, Enstine is indeed a good teacher.

kata kata galau says

Hey Joseph thanks for interviewing such an awesome blogger. You really put the right questions to extract maximum tips on blog monetization which he superbly answered. Thanks for sharing such a useful contents.

Rohit Singh says

I have read almost all the interviews posted on your blog and they are really a learning guide for me as you are asking such great queries which not only help’s you as well as others who are having trouble in monetizing their blogs and to make money from blogging

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Rohit,
    I am glad you are enjoying the interview series on BTT, make sure you subscribe to my blog because more Blogger interviews are still coming!

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