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An Interview with Ammar Alli on Blogging and The Challenges Involved

Hey guys, I decided to interview Ammar Alli of  to share his experience with us as a Blogger over the past 2years he started. Ammar is an excellent blogger from Pakistan and his blog is doing very well.I believe he has a lot to let us know.I hope you enjoy the interview below.

Please, kindly introduce yourself to our Readers; give us a bit insight into your bio.


I’m Ammar, A young part-time Blogger, Web Designer and Student from Pakistan.

I’m running All Blogging Tips, helping new bloggers in taking their blog to next level.

How did you find out about Blogging and how long have you been a blogger and why did you get started?

Ammar Ali (ABT) (1)I still remember the time when I first used the internet and it seemed completely a magical world at that time I love to explore new things. I keep getting knowledge about domain, hosting, their relationship, the way websites works and the list keeps going. The inspiration came from ready lots of blogs, their stories and income reports

Regarding, the start of blogging, I tried with a couple of other blogs in mid of year 2011 with free hosting and domains. But in December 2011, I started AllBloggingTips and by the grace of Almighty which is a complete success now.

What was Your Major Challenge when starting out and how did you overcome it?

  Most of bloggers will agree with me that the major challenges in life of a noob bloggers are his lack of skills in Blogging, SEO, Knowledge and low social media circle. At the start of ABT, I start writing by my own and with the popularity of blog, people start asking me if I could publish their guest post on my blog and I availed that opportunity. So content was never an issue for me, but indeed I didn’t compromised on quality.

Regarding the lack of skills which were hurdles in my way of success in blogging, my fellow bloggers always remained available for help and reading books on SEO and social media helped a lot. I also learnt CSS and HTML before starting All Blogging Tips so that I can create whatever I want to for my blog. It helped me a lot in making my blog as I ever wished it to be.

How long do you spend blogging? Is it a full time job, part time or simply hobby?

 As I am still a student, so during college days it obviously become part time but I gives all my days and nights to it when I’m on vacations. As I am in this for almost 2 years, so yes you can say that it has become my hobby now as well.

What is your view of Blogging as a Business, will you say it is Lucrative?

 It is indeed one of the best business for anyone who want to earn a lot of bucks while staying at their home in their favorite sofa, but indeed like any other business you have to give it all of your days and nights before you can earn anything out of it.

It is indeed a lucrative business only if you have full command on its ins and outs and have awareness of what is beneficial and what is harm for your blog.

I worked a lot in starting of my blog. Now I make money even when I don’t work. Fully autopilot!  Isn’t it amazing? 😀

How long did it take you before you actually started making money online and what money making methods are working best for you right now?

  It took almost four to five months before I could get profit out of it. I don’t like Adsense and right now affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and ad sales are working best for me.

My first affiliate income that I received back in starting of April 2012. The amount was around $74

If you had to start all over again, with the knowledge you have now, what would you do differently?

Will reject the offer

What is your favorite and least favorite part about blogging?

 Bit hard to answer! There is indeed a list of favorite ones but I don’t remember if I ever faced any aspect of blogging I never liked.

If you get another Shot at Life, Would you like to be a Blogger?

 Absolutely yes.

Which Blogs do you love reading?

There is no specific blog that I love reading. I usually read the blog where I find some useful information.

What do you have to say about Networking as regards Blogging

  It’s important!

Networking is actually a backbone of any blog or blogger. It helps you in growing your blog in a better way in all aspects including popularity, social network, traffic, quality backlinks and a lot more.

What do you think is your Secret To Blogging success?

 Here they are:

  1. Hard work
  2. Dedication
  3. Education
  4. Knowledge
  5.  Consistently

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see Upcoming Bloggers making in regards to blogging?

Choosing wrong niche, not writing good content. Relying too much on Google for their income, shortcuts in terms of content and irregularity.

What advice do you have for Upcoming/Newbie bloggers?

  • Choose niche wisely!
  • Register short, sweet and easy to understand domain. Signup with any top webhosting company.
  • Use WordPress
  • Don’t blog just for money
  • Don’t copy other blog’s content
  • Never Give up!


How can others connect with you?


Visit my blog : All Blogging Tips

I’m on twitter: @allbloggingtips

Find me on Facebook

 Did you enjoy the interview? Let me hear your views in he comment section. Ammar talked about about Affiliate Marketing so I just thought  interviewing another blogger with lot of expertise in Affiliate Marketing will be good for us to learn.What do you think?

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robinson3d says

This is my first time of coming to this blog. But i must say i am impressed with the ways bloggers are getting recognized by blogs and even Tv media houses nowadays. That shows that it is a good start

maria lash says

Hi Bolaji:

Good interview….Always jump when Guru, Mentor & Sponsor Josylad recommends a read, it’s always terrific…Such a Young man & so knowledgeable, good tips…Gratitude, Love & Blessings<


Elettro says

Thanks for this article. I especially loved the “secrets to blogging success” part.

Josh Brancek says

Interesting interview folks, thanks a lot.

Tarkan says

nice interview, congrats Ammar you have very good blog

Muhammad Saleem says

Hi Bolaji,
Ammar Ali is great blogger as well as a great person too. I am great fan of him and following his blog regularly because he is an inspiration for me. I am thankful to you invited here and boost my knowledge with his advices.

Johan Bengtsson says

Good interview but I did not really understand the answer “Will reject the offer”. What did that mean?

Mi Muba says

Nothing new in this interview for me because I am regular visitor of Ammar’s blog. Yes but the way you presented old information in a new way is exactly like offering old wine in a new bottle. You guys (all the young bloggers) are really rocking on blogging horizon but but you have long way to go. Keep it up buddies future is yours

Mr.Cricket says

Ammar Ali is one of top youngest blogger in Pakistan.He earn $700 per month from his blog


Great Interview and it’s always great to see a interview from Ammar on how he built ABT. I have done a article about ABT and will be published this weekend on FERNANDO BIZ.
Loves his ideas:
Choose niche wisely!
Register short, sweet and easy to understand domain. Signup with any top webhosting company.
Use WordPress
Don’t blog just for money
Don’t copy other blog’s content
Never Give up!

Thanks for the share and great to find out this blog from ABT’s Facebook page.

Shehu Awwal says

Very nice interview, but i hate the guy even though he is a fellow blogger, because he is so proud of himself and couldn’t help,.

    Joseph Adediji says

    hmmmnn Shehu,
    You are the first person that I have seen giving a negative view about Ammar, I dont know about him being proud or unhelpful, but you know we bloggers can be sometimes so busy that we even fail to feed our stomach the food it needs.

gaurav says

omg, now I know that who is Samar Ali before I just heard about him really man thanx a ton and yes now he is become an inspiration for me

Abby Ang says

Hi Bolaji,

Thank you very much for sharing this great interview with Ammar Ali. Yes, I totally agree. Networking is actually a backbone of any blog or blogger. It helps you in growing your blog in a better way in all aspects including popularity, social network, traffic, quality backlinks and a lot more.


Olamosh says

Great interview… love your zeal and passion for blogging Ali, i learnt something from this interview and BTT kindly bring more of this.

Santanu says

Ammar is a very great helper. I still remember my initial days of blogging when I used to bother ammar for many basic blogging issues through email. Thanks for sharing his blogging journey.

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