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Happy New Year 2014 from Blogging Tips Today

Year 2013 was a great year for me and this blog. For those who don’t know, I started this blog January 2013 though I bought the domain December 2012.

I will love to appreciate you all our esteemed readers and fans for your continued support and loyalty, I could not have achieved all that I achieved in this past year without you. BTT started as a new born baby with no backlinks, no PageRank, no authority, no audience and no brand but it has grown so much in a short while and it became one of the known blogs in the blogging niche.


The journey has not been easy, but it has been fun! I made a few mistakes, made a few breakthroughs and also learnt a lot of lessons!

I will love to appreciate a couple of Bloggers and Influencers who featured on this blog in the year 2013, I appreciate their support and kind gesture towards this blog. The featured bloggers on this blog in year 2013 are listed below:

I want to thank the above mentioned bloggers for finding the time to reply our mails, questions and participation on this blog.

Also, I will love to appreciate all the guest bloggers who have published one or two posts on this blog in the last year 2013. I appreciate your commitment and cooperation and it was really fun working with you all.

Finally, I want to appreciate all my readers, followers and fans! I love you guys! You rock!

I want to Wish You all a Great, Successful and Money-Making 2014 Ahead!

I will be right here all through this year and we will all be rocking this year together. Don’t forget to subscribe to BTT for free updates in your mail box because I have a lot of juicy info to share with you guys in 2014 and I don’t ever want you to miss any of them.


About the Author Joseph Adediji

Joseph is a Web Enthusiast, a Tech Lover, Writer and an Internet Para-Addict!.I am the Founder of Blogging Tips Today. I love to write about Blogging, SEO, Internet Marketing and Technology.

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Nirmala says

Thanks for the New Year wishes Joseph, wish you the same 🙂

It is good to read your blogging experience, every blogger used to make mistakes on their journey. I would say that the mistakes are great source to learn new lessons and I experienced this many times in blogging.

I read some of the expert’s interview in your blog, specifically the one with Atish 🙂

Will read the remaining to grab the tips given by them.

Thanks for writing and sharing this wishes post for us, may god bless you to reach a remarkable height in the blogosphere 🙂

    Joseph Adediji says

    Nice to see you here Nirmala and Happy New Year!
    Glad you read Atish interview, he is a great guy! Make sure you do check out the other expert interviews especially the ones I did with Rand Fishkin, Ti Roberts and Onibalusi Bamidele. 😉
    Thanks for commenting and Have a great year ahead! 😀

Atish Ranjan says

Thanks for the Mention Joseph happy new year to you too. May god bless you with all the success in this year.

Aahna says

Hi Joseph,

First of all Happy New Year to you :). It’s my first visit here and really amazed to learn that you’ve achieved so much within a year. You really showed great hard word and dedication to your blog. Hope you continue the good work and your blog continue to grow further.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Aahna,
    Welocme to BTT, am happy to have you here. Thanks for the wishes and the comment.

Shamsudeen says

Happy new year Jo,
I wish you the best of 2014 and thanks for sharing those wonderful interview. I loved the one by Bamidele Onibalusi, been heard of this guy for long.
Now I have the opportunity to hear from the man himself. Thanks for sharing.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Happy New year Shamsudeen,
    glad you liked the Interview with Oni, he is surely a great dude!

Emmanuel says

Happy new year to you as well. 2014 I believe is going to be a wonderful year for us all. says

Happy New Year Joseph,its always been joyfull to me to read your posts

Patrick Ward says

I wish you a very successful New Year and find the courage and fortitude needed to plow through everything life has to throw at you.

Samir says

Well it seems like You’ve changed your theme and this one is looking cool. I wish you a very happy new year.


    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Samir,
    Yea, I got a custom design in preparation for the new year. Glad you like the new design.
    Have a great year ahead!

harikumar says

Wish you a very happy new year 2014


Robert Janeson says

Happy new to everyone from Robert Janeson.

Mike Howg says

Hi Joseph. I know it’s a little bit late but I just wanted to wish all of you bloggers out there a happy new year.

James says

Happy new year! Thanks for all the greats tips so far, hope there’s many more to come. Cheers

Obat Jerawat says

Hi, Joseph Adediji Happy New Year 2014 also for you.

Shirish Dhungel says

Blogging in 2013 was not going easy on me too, but its time to try my best on blogging year 2014.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hard work is the key, blogging has never been an easy job.
    Good luck with Blogging in 2014 Shirish!

kelly jones says

Happy New Year to you as well joseph and thanks for providing such useful info throughout the year 🙂

heba mohammed says

happy new year,Good luck with Blogging in 2014

Ron says

Happy New Year to you too and many more successful years. Keep it up this way.

Rian Kid says

Happy new year for you at the same time. 2014 I think is going to be a great year for people many. My spouse and i hope which you incredibly productive New Season and discover the particular courage along with fortitude needed to plow by means of everything existence has to throw in anyone.

Steven Fromm says

Joseph, you have done a lot with this in a very short time. So congratulations. I am going to check out the links of your buddies who have helped you. Best to you.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Thanks for commenting Steven, I really appreciate it.
    I wish you the best too

Nick K says

Hi Joseph,

I always enjoy your blogging tips. I’d like to share a little tip on “citing” research that bloggers might find useful (I’m not in any way affiliated with EasyBib):

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This easy-to-use citation generator by Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC offers a broad selection of citation options. They boast all the features we’ve come accustomed to for an excellent citation tool but have dozens of other options. In fact, you can cite 59 other sources of media! If you’re looking for additional features, Easybib provides a Pro version that you can explore free -for 3 days.

Cool features: One of the most comprehensive citation tools I’ve seen online. According to EasyBib, they now support 6 new citation styles: AMA, ASA, Harvard, Chicago Author-Data, CSE and ACS.

Remember to cite your sources in order to mitigate plagiarism issues! Hope this helps everyone.

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