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7 Working Ways to Get New Readers to Your Blog

Having a good blog readership is a great source of encouragement and motivation for every blogger; A blog without readers is just a mere waste of time for the blog owner because there is no significance of spending your time and intellect on writing posts that no one will read.

Therefore it is very important that bloggers go out there and find new readers for their blog. There are various ways by which you can attract new readers to your blog, but in this post I will be sharing 7 of such working ways with you.

The ways of getting news readers I will be sharing with you works well, I have used them before and I still use most of them till date.

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Let’s take a look at how you can Get New Readers to Your Blog!

#1.      Become a Guest Blogger

Guest posting on other blogs is one of the best ways to create awareness about your blog and get new readers to your blog; Guest posting on other blogs, especially top blogs in your niche reveals your blog to a unique set of targeted audience that are interested in what you have to offer.

Guest blogging is not that difficult, but it requires time to write quality and unique articles but as I always say, the time writing on guest posts is far less to the benefit you will derive from it. Usually when you write guest posts, you have the opportunity to add 2 or 3 links to your blog depending on the host blog guidelines, and if these links are properly utilized, you will surely get a ton of new readers from your guest post.

one important when guest blogging for new readers is to use your best content, you should write guest posts that will make the host blog audience go GAGA and follow you back to your blog.

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#2.      Use Social Media

If you don’t know, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are now good source of traffic and new readers’ for your blog, any blogger that undermines the potential of social media in this blogging era is doomed to fail. You should join most of the top social media sites and network with like-minded people.

Build relationship with people that will be interested in what you are saying on these social networks and you are creating a great channel for getting new readers to your blog. There are lots of ways you can auto syndicate your content on these social networks such as, all you need to do is set and forget, but don’t forget to visit these social networks to interact with the community and build followership.

Tip: I will recommend you Join and, these two sites will be of help to your social media campaign.


#3.      Join Blog Communities

Blog communities are becoming more popular and every serious blogger should not ignore their importance. For those who don’t know, Blog communities are sites where bloggers from various part of the world come together to share and vote for contents from various blogs, joining blog communities will give you the opportunity to share your content and get your blog to the eyes of new readers.

There are quite a number of blog communities out there both paid and free, some free ones I use are,  and . You should join these communities and share your content there as soon as you hit the publish button.


#4.      Exchange Links with Bloggers in Your Niche

Exchanging links with other bloggers is also a great way to market your blog to new readers especially if those blogs have good followership. Most bloggers have a blog roll on their sidebar or footer widget which has links to other blogs in their niche.

You can contact the blogger to add a link to your blog in his blog roll and most of the time, the blogger may request that you reciprocate; this method is much easier if you have built good relationship with other bloggers in your niche.

So keep an eye out for blogs in your niche with blog rolls and politely ask for your blog to be included and don’t hesitate to do the same for the other blogger too.


#5.      Allow Guest Bloggers

Do you know that giving room for others to guest post on your blog can also help you to get new readers to your blog? Yes, it can.

Usually when other bloggers guest post on your blog, they will share the link to their guest post with their readers and fans, this will bring the guest blogger’s readers and followers to your blog, increasing your exposure and gaining more readers.


#6.      Create Quality Content Regularly

Creating quality content on a regular basis is also one of the best ways of getting new readers for you blog. People are looking for quality content and if you can provide them with it, tell will gladly tell their friends and colleagues about your blog and what other means is the best marketing method other than words of mouth.

You should strive to create great contents that will distinguish you from all other bloggers, and create these contents with your own unique voice and writing style. Let people see the real you in your posts and make the post easy to understand for every level of bloggers be it newbie’s or ProBloggers.

Write as if you are talking to your best friend, this will make your post interactive and give room for conversations and interaction between you and your readers.


#7.      Write SEO Friendly Posts

It is no more news that search engines are the most reliable source of quality and targeted traffic you can get to your blog. Search engines are now after quality and they love blogs with fresh and quality content.

When writing your posts, you should take your time to properly optimize your post for search engines by using relevant keywords where necessary and adding images to it. You need to do this in other to influence your blog posts rankings on search engines which in turn gives you more exposure to your contents.

When writing SEO posts, make sure you avoid keyword stuffing and don’t create contents that are horrible for the human eye just because you want to rank your post on search engines, in fact search engines now hates keyword stuffing and you may even be penalized for it.

Just write naturally and follow your flow and include your keywords as they come to you, just try to make everything natural and coherent.


These are great ways of getting more readers that I have shared with you use them and see your blog readership grow.

Is there any other ways by which you have increased you blog readership? Kindly share your best tips with us in the comments 😀 😉

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    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Amal,
    guest posting really work well, you should give it a try and I know you will love it.

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