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How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

As a blogger, building a mailing list is very important and of course a necessity; you may have heard the saying “The Money is in the List” which is quite true when it comes to blogging and internet marketing.

I have been working on building a good mailing list with this blog and I have been doing a lot of testing, optimization and restructuring of my list building strategies over the months. Few days ago, I changed the look and feel of my sidebar Optin box to make it look more appealing and probably convert more visitors.

To be candid, I have been getting good subscription rates from this blog, but I always believed there could be other methods that could bring more & targeted subscribers to my mailing list.

So, earlier this week (11-06-2013), I decided to try some new waters and experiment with Facebook to see if I can actually get some new subscribers via this big social networking site and believe me, it WORKED!

I didn’t plan for this experiment that fateful day (though I had it in mind), but something kept pushing me when I was doing my daily blog marketing and inspection of things at BTT Facebook Fan page, and I couldn’t resist this idea.

I will be telling you my story and also be providing you with the step by step guide for setting this up in this post. So let’s start with my story and experience with this technique and then talk about the step by step guide later in this post.

So what did I do to get Subscribers from Facebook?

On this fateful day, I logged into Facebook and went straight to BTT fan page to see watsup over there. When I landed on the page, we had 700+ fans, and I got the feeling that most of our news fans might not have our free books which could be of help to their blogging career.

So, I decided to share the link to the eBooks page on our fan page for our fans to download F.O.C.

I simply wrote a short copy to describe what the link is about and I added the link to the eBooks landing page and shared it posted it on our fan page.

P.S. – I created the landing page with Hybrid Connect List Building Plugin, You can Download it Here

It is very important that you don’t just post your landing page link alone and expect to have subscribers; you need to write a “short description” with it for better performance and conversion.

This is what I wrote “Have your Download our FREEmium eBooks, If not, GRAB THEM NOW before it’s too late” and then added the link to my squeeze page.

 FB Promo How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

After I posted it on the fan page, I clicked the “Boost Post” link at the bottom right hand corner of the post, (you should see this on all your fan page posts by the bottom) and a pop out came up and I selected my desired budget to experiment with this strategy.

 FB boost post How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

From the pop out options;

Under Audience – I selected “People who like my page and their friends”.  Why did I select this? This is because I know most of our fans are bloggers and people who do things related to blogging & will probably have lots of blogger friends.

So for this campaign to be effective, it is best for me to target an audience that has interest in what I am offer.

Under Maximum Budget – I selected $5 as my maximum budget and I was told that the budget with reach an estimated 2500-3500 people. I was okay with the $5 budget because it was just my first try of this strategy   How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

 fb target How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

You should see the link for the more options there, but believe me, you should not need those. I just left the “more options” as it is and clicked on the boost post link to start my campaign.

Analysis of the Email List Building with Facebook Campaign

Here is the analysis of how the whole campaign and strategy worked.

From the total campaign, according to Facebook Stats, I got:

  • 59 Links Clicks
  • 21 Page Likes
  • 15 Post Likes
  • 1 page Photo views and 1 comment

 FB 21 How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!) FB 11 How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

From the total Campaign, According to My Own Stats, I got:

  • 20 Subscribers
  • 21 Page Likes
  • 15 Post Likes
  • 3 Shares on the Post

Note: The campaign lasted for about 24 – 36 hours before it ended.

 bloggers forum banner How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

As you can see from the above stat, I got 20 REAL and TARGETTED subscribers from using this Facebook list Building Strategy with just $5, $5? Yes $5! This is really a fair deal.

If we do some mathematics, 20 subscribers from $5 campaign equates to $0.25 per subscribers! Isn’t this GREAT and Cost Effective?   How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)   How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

The best thing I love about this list building with facebook method is that it’s a CHEAP & 3-Way Winning Strategy for me. How? When I ran that campaign, I got new likes on my page, I got Shares on my Post & I got 20 Subscribers at no extra Cost!   How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

I guess this is really cool at the price of $5. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to use $5 for your campaign, I only used that amount to test the waters to see if it will burn or not.

I believe the more budget you spend on your ‘Boost Post” campaign, the better results you will get from it. For example, if you spend $15, your campaign will reach an estimated 5,900 – 11,000 people and believe me, it will reach 11,000 people; This will let you get more subscribers to your email list.


The Lesson I learnt from My Facebook Email List Building Strategy

According to Facebook report and stat, I got 59 link clicks, but I only converted 20 of those Clicks to subscribers. This shows that work needs to be done on my Squeeze page!

I need to sit down, rethink and analyze how things are structured over there and figure out how to make it more converting In order to improve its conversion rate.

Benefits of Building your Email List with facebook

  • It is cheap and Cost effective.
  • You will be getting REAL & TARGETTED Subscribers
  • You can also get new FANS in addition to subscribers.
  • You get detailed Summarized and full report of your campaign from Facebook.

So why not give it a try?

I will love to simplify these technique as best as possible so that every of one of you will understand the process of doing this. So, I will be making a step by step guide below and also adding some screen shots to clarify things and make it easy to understand for everyone.

So, let’s see the Step by Step guide for Building your list with Facebook

                   Step 1

Setup a landing/squeeze page on your blog – for this technique to be very effective, you need to setup a landing page with no distraction on your blog. You can check out my landing page here to see how it looks.

If you want something like my landing page, I built it with hybrid connect plugin, grab the plugin and start building your list the easy way.

Make sure there are images and a good conversion copy on your landing page. Also make the sign up process simple and no boring stories.

                     Step 2

Logon to Facebook and navigate to your blog fan page, you really need a Facebook fan page for this to work well for you.

Write a short copy on your wall and include the link to your landing page in it. For my own campaign, I simply wrote “Have your Download our FREEmium eBoifs, if not, GRAB THEM NOW before it’s too late” and hit the post button.

You can see the short message and the link to my landing page in the image below.

 FB Promo How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

                     Step 3

Take a good look at the bottom right corner of the post your posted on your fan page above, you should see a “Boost post” link staring at you there. Click on this link and a pop out box should appear.

 FB boost post How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

In this box, you can set your Price for the Total Campaign, starting from $5; you can select your target and make your payment with a Credit card or PayPal account.

 fb target How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)

When you are satisfied with the options, click “Boost Post”, and your campaign will begin!

Over To You

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post & gained one or two things. So, have you ever thought of building your list with Facebook? Have you tried this method before? If yes, kindly share your experience with us.

Also, If you have any questions or opinions, drop them in the comments and I will be willing to assist you.

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  1. I must say wow! this isn’t my first time visiting this blog, but this is my first comment.

    The strategy you have just outlined here is an exclusive blogging / marketing secret. And i must tell you, this is one of the reasons why i don’t joke with social media, Facebook to be precise.

    Adding this to my next tactics, Thanks for the share.

  2. Increasing facebook Fanpage like via Facebook boosting is a nice idea despite the fact that I’ve not tried it but from what I read here, am convince about it.

  3. Excellent job Joseph!
    I’ve done something very similar to build my list on Facebook and you’re right – the subscribers are very targeted.

    I added a Tab to my Facebook page with and app from Thunder Penny. They say that people are more likely to subscribe if they stay on Facebook, so I guess that makes sense.

    I use Hybrid connect plugin also.

    Thanks for the post!
    Ileane recently posted..How To Get More Views on YouTube With Better AnalyticsMy Profile

  4. Now , this is something new for me and am sure its unique for most of your readers too . Didn’t know that facebook can be used for building email-list .Would certainly give it a try !


  5. Hi Joseph! Those are some impressive numbers. I’ve not used Facebook for marketing my blog, but I may have to rethink that. I really like that you can do short term, one time promotions like this. I didn’t realize you could do that before. Thanks a lot for sharing this information!


  6. A really great post. The Facebook sponsored post is really powerful, you’re guaranteed real human traffic not bots and the best part is that it’s cheap :) Another great way to get your posts in people’s news feed is to use the profile sponsored post. It’s only $6.99 and works well if you have many friends, at least 2000.

    This will show on top of the news feed of each and everyone of your friends when they login or visit the home page if they were already logged in. 98% of your friends wont even realize it’s a sponsored post because they’re your friends and looking forward to your posts. Profile posts are more trusted as compared to pages. I used to abuse this when it was still introduced because it was only $1 but now I only use it when I have something serious.

    This is a great post bloggers should try this, it does work. Many Thnx Joseph.

    Gugulethu recently posted..Keyword ResearchMy Profile

    • Hi Gugelethu,
      Th Facebook sponsored post feature is indeed powerful, apart from the subscriber strategy, I used it to promote a blog post and the result was quite okay.
      I have not tried the profile sponsored post and I dont think i will try it because I have different categories of friends on facebook, some of them are not bloggers, some are just family and friends who wont be interested in things I may be promoting that is why I prefer the Page Boost post feature because only your fan page fans and their close friends who are likely to be bloggers will get to see the post.
      Thanks for commenting, hope to see you around.
      Joseph Adediji recently posted..How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)My Profile

  7. Facebook is a very powerful social network and you can profit off it also if you use it the right way. I use the promotion feature Facebook has to keep all my new content in front of my followers which is cool.

  8. WOW ! Very informative post.

    In fact Facebook is the main source of visitor/promotion for my blog. I will definitely try this, hope it will work fine for me :)

    Thank you for sharing an awesome post !

  9. Thanks Joseph, promotion by facebook is really effective, it get hit by user not bot, but manual hits are more effective, article lines is very nice.

  10. These were incredible tips, But I would want to keep things easy and simple for the readers. Is there any other way I can get legit email without having to pay, i’m low on funds for now.

  11. If you want to Build your Email box so first trick is this that you can subscribe many websites or if you want to go easy way so just subscribe Social media like Facebook or Twitter.

  12. Congrats on scoring those 20 super quick leads Joseph!

    By investing little and being creative on FB you can reap tremendous returns. The key is to make your offer enticing. Create compelling copy. Prosper.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Sourav,
      You should start building your list as soon as possible, because to be candid, building a mailing list is not easy and the earlier the better for you.
      for your fanpage issue, I will recommend you sponsor some giveaways or host some giveaways on your blog where readers will be required to like your page to gain an entry. This is one of the tactics that i used for getting more fans to my FB page.
      Joseph Adediji recently posted..How I Am Building My Email List with Facebook (And how You too Can!)My Profile

  13. Joseph you are really amazing with this article. Some days back I learnt somewhere about email marketing where I get to know a process to find out the email ids of all of our friends using Yahoo! But your points are damn good :)

  14. Hi Joseph Simply Awesome Post, Till today I just used Facebook to drive the traffic to my blog and engage with my blog readers but now I shall also use Facebook to build the email list

  15. Hey Joseph,
    Currently I am also working upon this thing of e-mail marketing. Many of them suggested me to buy a bundle of e-mails from some sources. But I guess your post gives a clear cut and cost effective idea to experiment upon.

    Thanks for such a great share.

    Regards :)
    Charmie recently posted..How to Add Breadcrumbs On WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  16. In my experience, some undervalue Facebook marketing because it’s so cheap and because it’s not an exclusive club. But as you point out, there’s a lot to be gained from it!

  17. Thanks for this! I’ve gotta admit sometimes building up a good email marketing list can be a pain in the ass but this should make things a whole lot easier! Thanks Again

  18. Hi Joseph,
    I have been to your blog before and always leave a little smarter. I have a FB business page. What’s the difference between a business page and a fan page. I thought they were one in the same.
    Good post. Got me to thinking. I had better delve into this subject a little more. I may be missing the boat!
    Geri Richmond

    • Hi Geri,
      Its nice to see you here, there is no much difference between a Fan page and a business page, it all boils down to how you are using your Facebook page; I guess the later is for a business ;-)
      Make sure you delve more into this, I foresee a great opportunity in this and I am even planning on a new experiment with it. I am glad you always leave my blog a little smarter anytime you visit! :-D
      Joseph Adediji recently posted..List Building Made Easy with Hybrid Connect – Review and DownloadMy Profile