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How to Write Blog Posts that Gets Sales in 5 Steps

Did you know that 47.8 million blog posts are written every day, and that’s just in WordPress!  That equates to nearly 17.5 billion blog posts per year! sales-growth

How are you supposed to get your blog posts to stand out in such a crowded marketplace?  It’s not easy, but with practice and these tips you can give yourself the best possible chance of writing blog posts that actually help you sell.

Without much ado, let’s see how to write money making Blog posts! 

1.  Create a Magnetic Headline

Part of writing an attention-grabbing headline lies in how well you know the true needs of your market.  If you can write a headline centered on their main concerns, you’ll get their attention even if it isn’t worded the best.  So if you write a blog post for your accounting firm that serves private individuals, you’d write something like, “Are You Making These 5 Refund-Killing Mistakes?”

The next part of writing a headline involves your actual writing skill.  If you don’t know what else to do in a title, using titles like the one at the beginning of this post “How to Write a Blog Post…” and list posts like “5 Tips for…” are your bread and butter.

What pro copywriters do, however, is keep a “swipe file.”  It’s simply a list of blog titles proven to attract attention.  I keep one and whenever I come across a new and attractive blog title, I add it in.

2.  Write Blog Posts That Goes In-Depth

If there’s one thing most blog posts do not do well, it’s that they don’t go in-depth.  Most people think 350-500 words are appropriate for a blog post because people have “short attention spans.”

I’ve heard it a million times, and it is true – if you don’t have anything good to say or you’re not a very good writer (always make sure you practice writing blog posts too).

However, you can keep people’s attention and build a heck of a lot more credibility by writing blog posts that are 800, 1000, 2000, or even 3000 words long.  The longest I’ve ever written is 2100.

People do pay attention if you have good, specific information to offer.  If your information is vague and you’re writing just to get 2000 words, you might rank better, but your blog post won’t result in more sales.

3.  Show, Don’t Tell

At the beginning of this post, I could have said, “There are millions of blog posts going up every day – how do you make yours stand out?”  Everyone knows that.

Instead, I cited a specific statistic that said just how many blog posts are published every day, and per year.  That’s called showing.

The more you can show people who read your blog posts, the more engagement and credibility you build.

So if you write a blog post on SEO, explain the specific steps to doing what you’re supposed to do.  Show people where to get links from.  Show them what natural anchor text is, and that only 10-30% of your anchor texts can be exactly matched to your keywords.

One common objection I hear is, “If I tell my readers how to do something on their own specifically, they’ll just do it themselves and not hire me.”

That’s true – to an extent.  But if you keep doing so far in-depth, they’ll eventually realize they can’t do what you’re saying on their own.  Since they don’t have the time to do that, they have to hire someone – you!

A few do-it-yourselfers read the information and do it themselves, but they’re not likely to be willing to pay you anyway because they like to do it on their own.  In-depth information is much to your business’s benefit than detriment.

4.  Overcome Client Objections

If you keep hearing the same objection over and over, then write a blog post on it!  One of the ones I hear is, “That price is too high for a simple blog post.”

I haven’t written the post on it yet, but I’m going to write on it soon.  And in that post, I’m going to tell the readers what happens when you hire someone cheap to do a blog post versus hiring someone that costs more.

That way, instead of fielding the same question over and over, I can just point them to a blog post.  And, there is the off chance that they’ll read it and be convinced to pay more for my writing services, although that mindset is hard to change.

5.  Close with a Call-To-Action

Whether your blog has high or low traffic, it’s important to end with a compelling call to action.  Your readers are much less likely to take your desired action if you don’t ask them to actually do it.

Blogs tend to do better with “soft-sell” calls to action.  Usually, you ask the reader to read another post.  You can ask them to contact you for a quote, but you don’t want to do that too often.

Regardless of what you do, make sure you use a CTA at the end. You can add a CTA to buy a Product, a Service or Hire you for a job.

[share]If you Write a Blog Using this Formula, You’ll  Surely Sell More[/share]

Regardless of your niche, your blog is really there to sell something, and now you know exactly how to write a blog for business purposes.  You might be selling your services, or you might just be targeting more subscribers.

In any event, if you write in-depth, authoritative blog posts like these, you’ll build more credibility and get more sales.

About the Author danstelter

Dan Stelter is a SEO consultant and freelance copywriter in based in the Chicago area. If you need help ranking in Google or developing compelling web copy that gets sales, visit my website at You can also get regular tips at The Smarter Copywriting & SEO Blog.

Jane says

Great points Dan! Writing a blog post clarifying client objections is a brilliant idea. I often get some objections like, why this service isn’t also included in the package? and the like.

Closing with a call to action does work (even though it is most commonly used)!

Thanks for sharing!

Erik Emanuelli says

Hi Dan,
interesting post.
I think that providing quality content is the key here.
Your reader will appreciate that and he will likely purchase the product or service from your page.
Adding affiliate links will help in sales.
Thanks for sharing this post!

    danstelter says

    Yeah its definitely all about the quality. The more you know, the better off you are and the stronger the content you can create.

    It will work great for affiliate marketing also!

Emmanuel says

Hi Dan,
The problem here is, who decides whether a post is great or not? And I guess that will depend on one’s readership.

You’ve cited some interesting points though and those were very insightful.

    danstelter says

    Emmanuel –

    Ultimately the reader decides which posts are great. However, if you know your market and go into specific detail regarding the subject, the post should at the very least help your business efforts a ton.

    There’s no guarantees, but if you follow certain tactics, then you’re more likely to get a stronger response.

Enstine Muki says

The noise is growing everyday Dan and people are beginning to write longer articles but the fun is most think that being long is being in-depth -> wrong

the meaning of being in-depth is focus on a single topic and dig it out. Be the go-to person in your niche.

Welcome to BTT and thanks for a great post

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Enstine,
    I agree with you, writing a long post does not necessarily mean it is an in-depth post, an in-depth post is a detailed post with lots of juicy information that will improve the life of the readers.
    Unfortunately, only a few bloggers out there write such Posts!
    Thanks for commenting.

    danstelter says

    True point. Whenever I write, my intention is always to offer good quality information that helps, and not just the same old thing.

Hoang Viet says

Thank you for sharing, I’m a new person learn about blogging. Great article.
Thank you again

Hoang Viet

Theodore Nwangene says

A very brilliant post Dan,
Writing posts that sales is never easy especially for new bloggers but, its also not a rocket science. Anyone can do it pretty well, all it requires is practice.

The first step towards this is to always craft interesting and inviting headlines as you also mentioned. Once you have an eye catching headline, back it up with a mouth watering post then, you’re certainly good to go.

If anyone can diligently follow the tips you outlined here then, he will be a great writer indeed :).

Thanks for sharing man.

    danstelter says

    Thanks for your compliments, Theodore! Yes, I agree that for the most part, many people possess the skills to blog in a way that gets more sales. You just gotta find your technique and do what works for you.

danstelter says

Glad it helps. Just focus on providing value and continue to refine your technique and you’ll be all right in the long run. Thanks,


nikhil20 says

Great Post Dan,

headline is always matters to catch the eyes of users. If your headlines are attractive then people read further post. providing in-depth details helps you to grab users more attention. It will also helps you to do in-depth linking of your affiliate products. Create s call to active is great and if your post is attractive people’s will definitely click on the call to action button or link.

Nikhil 🙂

    danstelter says

    Agreed Nikhil, and you’re right about the deep linking for the affiliate products. I forgot to mention that.

Shiv Saroya says

great post Dan, blog post title is most important then other things, its a easy guide of effective blogging basics. thanks

danstelter says

Shiv –

Glad this post could help, and you’re spot on with the thought on blog post titles 🙂

Samir says


Informative tips, title is really important to grab the attention of readers and make purchase the specific product. Sharing the personal experience and how the products has helped to achieve something will encourage readers to buy the products from our links. So we gain some good potential.


Susan Velez says

Hi Dan,

Great tips and I think that the most important thing is the headline. If you can’t get people to click through to your article, it doesn’t matter how great your content is.

Your tips are great and will help anyone write better. Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day.

    danstelter says

    Susan –

    Couldn’t agree more about the headline! That’s why I recommend keeping a “swipe file” of all the attractive headlines you find. Keep ones in from those top-tier internet writers and other large websites you visit, and you’ll have a great list of headlines to use guaranteed to get clicks.

Eyram says

It is amazing how many people will still buy from you after you have showed them everything. Somehow, people always think that there is still something you haven’t shared. Writing indepth posts are a great way to make money especially when you show the people how to do it. This is a great post. I just sent a tweet.

    danstelter says

    Thanks for tweeting Eyram, and glad it helped. I’ve noticed also that the more you look for depth, the more of it there is to be found. You’ll never have problems coming up with post ideas because of all the additional research you have to do. Thanks again for the read!

      Eyram says

      I agree with you Dan. When we search for and bring out depth, we will add value. Adding value the only genuine way to make money

danstelter says

Thanks for reading Samir, and I hoped this article helped you out a ton!

Ashish says

Great points indeed! Yes i agree with you “We need to show readers proofs” in order make the readers into buyers. Buyers are always interested in purchasing the product which has good reviews so we need to work on that.


    danstelter says

    Yeah, that’s definitely the case. The more concrete evidence you can show that what you do works, the better. Reviews are powerful also – do you have specific methods you use for getting those online?

Mark Rodriguez says

Great article and nice tips Dan! I couldn’t agree more with these points you made! These are very informative for people who are struggling with sales and getting more traffic into their websites. Thanks for sharing!

    danstelter says

    Glad it helped, Mark. I encourage you to continue to practice…that’s what helped me get to where I am today, and even though it’s a better place than before, there’s still plenty to learn.

Ahsan Ali says

Great points Serta! Blogging and-building publish making obvious client objections is advisable. I frequently get some good objections like, why a reverse phone lookup isn’t also incorporated inside the package? and so forth.

dewi asri says

very useful for me as a newbie in blogging. sometimes it’s hard to write an interesting posting. Trying writes in depth is applicable, I’ll do. Thx for ur sharing. Keep Blogging

Ashraf Mansour says

That’s great article Alan and very useful for beginners , please keep writing for us always , we will be big fans of your great blog.You know , you have a great writing style , i love it indeed and i hope to be a good writer like you

raj savani says

Thanks you for sharing this informative and interesting article.It is very helpful tips given by you.

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