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How A Blog Can Boost Your Online Business

True success in online business depends on its marketing efforts, and the marketing depends on its strategies. Some will lead to higher commission but some others will hinder it. Among these, one of the most productive strategies is blogging. Yep, a blog can increase your business utility to attract more genuine customers. It’s unbelievable that a blog can boost up your online presence.

Business is a sort of services for what both the providers and the customers get profited. But an online business can only get to the top when there are a remarkable number of customers. To improve the number, there should be improved engagement and conversation of the loyal customers. The good news is that a business blog can do it for you.


A Blog Can Let You Engage More People

The blog is the place where you can engage more people to your business. Generally a blog is like an active community where the writers will write and the readers will make engagement through participation. People love to hear interesting things what could add value to them. The world is getting very egoistic. The worldly people will only show interests if they could make something out of it.

If you serve value through a blog, the readers will be glad to serve you in return. As an example, if we read an awesome blog post in any blog, we generally want to know who is the writer. In fact, we could take a look into their profile to get directly into his personal website or page for more of his excellent work.

A business blog is very similar to it. If you could attract new readers through your writings, they would be interested to know about you and your services. So it’s for sure that a good amount of people will land to your business page. So I think, a blog is an amazing choice that can engage more and more people to your business.

A Blog Can Let You Describe Your Business

Nowadays, everyone loves to get the best deals in the affordable price. They all love to get something valuable, but not all of them are interested to pay too much. However, whether the price is affordable or not, all will look for excellent services and offers. I personally compare online businesses with mobile phones. We will always want to buy that phone which will ensure us most of the latest features.

A business is something like that. If your business offers the best services, you will get the best amount of customers. But the question is, how could you describe your business and its features? Well, you may prefer a sales page in this case. But I think a blog is the choice to describe your business on a regular basis.

In a blog, one will be able to describe one’s business part by part. So it will be easy for the customers to understand what exactly the business is. If fact, one could announce his trending news, offers through a blog. In my opinion, a business blog is like a press where we would be able to announce our latest news, offers, and features.

A Blog Can Let You Gain Organic Exposures

Many people like me would advise, if anyone wants to get more sales and customers, he should try to get more visitors and exposures. But not all of them would work because a bot can deliver thousands of traffic to one’s business but that doesn’t make sense to generate profits. It is same either a bot visit a site or not.

In this case, we have to lead organic exposures by the real people. That’s mean we should make genuine people to read our service page. But how can we do it? Definitely we should look for a source to attract people from there. And everyone knows that the biggest source of organic traffic is the search engine.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing love contents a lot. So the contents have the higher possibilities to gain more and more exposures by the organic people. So if we lead a blog with valuable contents, there should be an increase in organic traffic. So surely we would be able to drive more genuine people to our business page.

Final Words

As everyone says, I heartily believe a blog can boost up one’s business. Not only a business, it can make personal and business branding for credibility. In fact, a business blog would be a connector between the business providers and the inquisitive customers. That’s why I love it a lot, mostly for the online businesses. What’s your opinion about it? We would love to hear from you.

About the Author Abrar Mohi Shafee

Abrar Mohi Shafee is passionate in blogging and seo. He loves to contribute helpful contents to such popular blogs. He is the author and the administrator of Besides his blogging career, he prefers to play outdoor games like Cricket and Football. Interested to know more about him? You Should check here.

Nanda Rahmanius says

Hi Abrar,

Glad to see you in the BTT. 🙂
Yes, I agree. Blogs can help our business become more successful online. Through the blog, we can promote products and help customers better understand our products. Blogs are also a place all grievance occurring in the online business. Blog can boost online business, I have no doubt about that!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Abrar.
Interesting topic!


    Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    Hi Nanda,

    Thanks for the comment. I am also glad to have got an opportunity to post here. So I should really thank Joseph.

    I think, it’s not possible to write down all the advantages of business blog. Because there are so many direct and indirect amenities. But there’s no doubt that a blog can help an online business.

Nikhil ganotra says

Heyy Abrar,
Very ultimate guide on how a blog can help a small business in building their customer base. Blogging is the best way to gain more exposure and creditability .All major sites like Flipcart, amazon and even hostgator have their blogs to boost their visibility.

I am too going to start a small e-business very soon. And I think I should have a blog with a subdomain.

I have read many of your guest post too and at last I must say you are an excellent writer. Good work Bro. Keep it up.

BTW I just saw your blog and it’s just Awesome.

    Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    Hey There,

    Thanks for your opinion. Yep, blog is an ultimate tool for online business. No doubt that it’ll help our business and take it to the top.

    And that is gonna help you too for your future e-business. Thank you so much for being one of my regular blog readers. I truly appreciate your support.

Pankaj says

Yes we can use our blog for boosting up our online business. If we use it effectively we can surely get some advantage from this. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

    Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    You are mostly welcome Pankaj. I haven’t never seen such a business booster like blogs. So that is bound to help.

Samir says


Of course you are right that a blog can easily boost online business and it will bring lot of sales and exposure. You’ve listed all the points about blogging.


    Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    Thanks Samir for your comment. I also think in the way you do. It will boost sales, exposures, engagements, conversations and so on that we couldn’t think all of them.

i. c. daniel says

I believe a forum can boost an online business, while a blog can take care of few points only, and a forum is open to customer suggestions and free discussion. That’s my opinion. Kind regards!

    Abrar Mohi Shafee says

    Yeah, a forum would be helpful too. But the problem you would face of the spammers. You won’t believe there will be 60%-70% spammers on your forum if you start one. People will feel irritated with them.

    Actually a blog can serve forum’s effectiveness. The blog comment section is one type of forums. That’s why I mentioned only the blog.

Romeo says

Thats Pretty True!

Every business needs a blog especially because it creates a bond between you and your customers and generally creates a ‘safe place’ for them to know, like and trust you.

Great Post!


    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Romeo,
    a blog is really important for any business in this era, especially for trust building.
    glad you liked the post, thanks for commenting.

Prakash says

A blog can boost up our online business. Using blog as a brand for our business is a good thing but utilizing things in the favor of your business is not an easy task. We have to do things in a proper manner. This post tells every single point about this. This is a nice post, thanks for sharing this.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Prakash,
    Glad you found the post helpful and thanks for commenting.

sivani says

Hi abrar, i agree with your points.Surely blog can boost up the online business, only if we are active in blogging. We have to give equal importance to the blogging , as we give in the business. and importantly time is the important factor when promoting the business in blog. Concentrate on both side is really a difficult path. Do you have tips, how to manage both in online and offline?

vaibhav says

I totally agree with you.
I want to be an enterapenaur, of which i think blogging is the way.!
Thanks for the post.. great work indeed

Harpal Singh says

Nice Information. Totally agree BLOG can increase business visibility & trust as well.

Rajkumar says

Ya blogs are the best source for develop your online business. My close friend have the much knowledge about the electronics, so he started to make a blog and create an E-book about electronics, then he earns money buy selling E-books via his blog. Now it is the full time job for him.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Rajkumar,
    That is cool, good to know about your friend.
    I guess a lot of people are now doing well and better in blogging, with the right motivations and proper planning, one can make good income from blogging.

kata kata galau says

Thank you for sharing your knowledge..
it is very useful for me who still need guidance..

Meghan says

Blog is essential for all business,specially it helps in building trust!
great post!
thanks for sharing!

shaily says

Blog actually are very effective in creating brands and building online reputation. It reveals the true picture of any business category. Trust built on the basic of blog create huge impact on customers mindset and he willingly visit and purchase from your online store.

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