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Why You should be an Authority Blogger!

In my last post titled “7 Traits of Authority Bloggers”, I shared with you the important characteristics of authority bloggers that helped them become an authority in their niche.If you want to be an authority blogger in your niche, this post is a must read for you. That said, today, I will be sharing with you why you should strive to be an authority blogger.

authority bloggers

I know that after reading my post on traits of authority bloggers, I feel a bunch of bloggers out there may be wondering if it is really necessary to be an authority blogger. You may be asking what benefit will I get from being an authority blogger and that is what I will be sharing with you today. Without much ado, let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits of being an authority blogger.

Reason #1 – You get Recognition

One of those automatic benefits of being an authority bloggers is recognition. Once you become an authority in your niche, people will recognize you for what you and appreciate you for it. As an authority blogger, you won’t struggle to get mentioned, you won’t struggle to join a platform or get aboard a community because you are already known in your niche.

I believe if you attend a seminar or you are just walking down a street and you spot guys like Pat Flynn or Darren Rowse, I guess they don’t need any introduction because you recognize them and you know what they do.

When you become an authority blogger, you no longer need introductions and a mere mention of your name can perform wonders.

Reason #2 – You make more Money

I have discovered that your followership and authority has a great impact on your earnings in this game called blogging. This is the reason the big guys make the larger share of the money; the big guys will keep making the huge figures and the small guys will also keep making pennies!

Pat Flynn in his February 2014 income report made a total of $52,227.65 from affiliate commissions, if you take a peek at the income report, you will discover that a large percentage of his income comes from affiliate commissions and why is he making that much from affiliate commissions? The answer is simply because he is an authority! His readers trust his recommendations and they will take his word for it.

pat flynn earnings

Pat Flynn February Affiliate Earnings

For those who don’t know;

[share]Trust translates into money in blogging, if they don’t trust you, they don’t buy from you! – Joseph Adediji[/share]

The best part of it is that trust comes easily with authority, if you become an authority blogger, both old and new readers will trust you and buy from you.

Reason #3 – You get Followers

Another great advantage of being an authority blogger is followership. Have you seen those authority bloggers with 50K REAL twitter followers? Have you seen bloggers with 100K Google plus circles and 50K Facebook fans! I have seen a bunch of such bloggers and they have achieved this by becoming an authority blogger in their niche. The main reason why you are struggling to get just 500 twitter followers is because you are not working hard enough to build your brand and authority.

Once you devote your time to building you brand and authority, you will start getting huge followership with ease without even asking for it.

Reason #4 – You become a Go to Person

Another benefit of becoming an authority blogger is that you become a go to person. Who is a go to person? A go to person is someone people run to for advice, opinions and reviews. People won’t buy a product or service without getting your review, they don’t join a platform without getting your advice and they will also want your opinion on almost everything that has to do with your niche.

Becoming a go to person has a lot of benefits especially monetary benefits. You can easily make money from product reviews; you can recommend quality products and make huge commissions from them just like Pat does.

Final Words!

There are a lot of benefits associated with being an authority bloggers and believe me, it is great to be an authority blogger. If you don’t believe me, ask the big guys! Do you want to become an authority blogger? And Why? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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Ryan Biddulph says

Amen Joe! Tweeted for ya 😉 I know of no better way to succeed than by gaining authority. We can build our brand, make money and help others do the same by becoming experts in our niche.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Ryan,
    thanks for the tweet. Being an authority is really cool, it could be the only breakthrough you need.

nikhil20 says

Hi Joseph,

Great Post. Authority is most important to get more traffic and to get more exposure in Google. Google also gives priority to authority. Your tips to become an authority blogger is great and useful.
Thank you for sharing this useful info.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Nikhil,
    Being an authority is really important, it has a lot of pecks and it is one of those things that makes blogging interesting.
    Am Glad you found the post helpful.
    See you around!

Amy Shaw says

I guess I am an authority blogger without realising it. My company specialises in lockers and as part of my SEO plan I write about my subject matter all the time on my blog. We do now have quite a few people subscribe which is great.

Nanda Rahmanius says

Hi Joseph,

Nice article and nice share!
If you ask me, of course I want to become an authority blogger. I think, every serious blogger would want it. 🙂

The main reason is because I am curious about the blogging world, especially with make money blogging. Judging from what can be achieved by Pat Flynn, it makes me more excited!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Joseph.
Have a nice weekend for you.


Rian Kid says

Thank you for sharing this article joshep. Authority is very very important for blogger. this is very useful for newbie blogger like me. 😀

Pankaj says

I agree with your points, by becoming the authority blogger we get recognition, we get followers and we make more money. you have nicely explained all the things.

Suresh says

My take on this would be – you need an authority site because people would enjoy the content as it will be top notch. They would revisit your site again and again. There will be genuine social and user engagement. Quality content can give your quality backlinks hence boost up in rankings and therefore huge money. Btw amazing tips Joseph!

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