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Arvixe Review: A Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting Service

Hi dear blogger, welcome to my review of Arvixe Web Hosting Company.

arvixe review

The issue of web hosting is one of the most discussed topics among bloggers. Like I always say, a web host is the engine of any blog just like the engine of a car, the better the engine, the better the performance of the car and the same thing applies to blogging.

The better your web host, the better your blog performance. If your web host sucks, your blog will surely suck 😀


In my blogging journey over the years, I have been privileged to host my blogs with over 5 web hosting companies at various times in my blogging adventure. I first started out with a Nigerian Web hosting company with features of 2GB bandwidth per month and 1GB data storage 😀 , I moved on to another one till I started using international web hosting company.

Why I am saying this is for you to know that I have had my share of web hosting services, I have had various experience with various hosting companies. These experiences include both the good and the bad type of experience but here I am today still kicking strong.

As you may have known, this blog as at today, March 2, 2014 is hosted with Arvixe Web Hosting Company and I am loving it. I have tried a couple of other web hosts like Hostgator, Bluehost and the likes, but since I moved to Arvixe, I have been having a good time here.

Since I am having a good time with Arvixe, I decided to write a review of Arvixe web hosting service. Please do note that having a good time does not mean I have never had any issues with them, of course we do have issues, but we settle them and we move on.

This Arvixe review is meant to inform you and help you make a better decision if you want to purchase hosting for your blog especially, if you want to purchase a plan at Arvixe.

Without much ado,

Here is my review of Arvixe Web Host – A Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting Service

What to look for in a Web Hosting Company?

There are a bunch of things you should look for when choosing a web hosting service for your blog, most bloggers only check the pricing and features, but there are other important things, here are a few of the important things to look for in a web hosting company:

  1. Pricing
  2. Server Uptime
  3. Server Speed
  4. Support
  5. Reliability
  6. Users Experience and Ratings
  7. Web Hosting Features

In this Arvixe review, we will be looking at how Arvixe Performs based on these 7 listed properties above.

Arvixe Pricing

Personally, I have found Arvixe pricing to be affordable. They are one of the cheapest web hosting out there taking into account the kind of quality of their service.

You can get your site hosted at Arvixe for as lows as $4.00 per month. Below is their pricing.

  • Personal Class – $4 / month – 2 years plan
  • Personal Class Pro – $7 / month – 2 years plan
  • Business Class – $22 / month – 2 years plan
  • Business Class Pro – $35 / month – 2 years plan

P.S. – If you are planning to buy a plan at Arvixe, you can get 20% off on any hosting package by using my Coupon – “BTTREADERS”

Arvixe Server Uptime

Arvixe boast of 99.9% 0f uptime and I can very much back their claim. My blogs are always up and running no matter what is happening with other web host except for exceptional cases when they are doing their server maintenance which is a compulsory activity.

Arvixe Server Speed

Hmmm… I won’t lie to you; Arvixe server response is a bit slow!

Their server takes a little longer to respond when compared to some other web hosting company but their server response is not slower than the required server response recommendation by Google Page speed, it is just exactly the required server response recommended by Google page speed service.

But I think may be (am not sure) their server response has to do with your hosting plan, may be if you are on a higher plan, you will get a better server response time. Anyways, server response time is just a minute thing that can be overlooked; besides you won’t notice it.

Arvixe Support

Believe me; a web hosting company support is very important. Never host with a web hosting that has incompetent support team; you will surely regret your stay with them.

Arvixe support team is great when it comes to the technical aspect of managing clients’ websites, but they are slow in response. Most times, it takes them a couple of hours to respond to a submitted ticket but to be sincere, they will either reply you with your issue fixed or they reply you with the procedure to fix any issue you may have.

I have thought about their support for a while and all I can say is that I prefer and like their support them, why? Because I will rather work with a support team that is slow in response but knows what they are doing and how to fix my problems than working with a support team that responds fast but with no idea on how to solve my issues or problem.

A lot of other web host out there may have a faster support team, but usually, their support agents are not experienced and they hardly comprehend any issues been discussed with them. So what is the essence of talking to a fast support team that can’t help me? 😛

Arvixe Reliability

I will say this in 2 words – “Very Reliable”

Arvixe Users Experience and Ratings

Before I came aboard the Arvixe boat, I have been inquiring about Arvixe for over 2 months and luckily, I had a lot of bloggers around me that are already hosting with Arvixe, so getting user’s feedback was not so difficult.

My blogging pals that have been on Arvixe before me gladly recommended them to me and I believe they have a good user rating.

Arvixe Web Hosting Features

Arvixe web hosting feature is pretty good, they offer a wide range of unlimited features for their clients and this is one of those important things to note when choosing a web host for your blog.

Below are the features of Arvixe Web Hosting Service:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builder
  • FREE Online Store

My Arvixe Review Verdict

When comparing Arvixe web hosting service to other web hosts out there, I think they are doing a great job and they are indeed giving value for the money spent on hosting with them.

In overall, I will give them a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Don’t forget you can get 20% off on any hosting by using my coupon – “BTTREADERS”.

Have you ever hosted with Arvixe? If yes, do share your Arvixe experience with Us. If no, tell me what you think of this Arvixe review in the comments.

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Joseph Adediji says

Hi Emmanuel,
it is great to hear that! Arvixe is indeed doing well in terms of uptime. I will advice you to move kabenlah to Arvixe and save yourself those extra monthly bucks you spend on hostgator hosting.

stephan says

Nice article
honestly i have never used any host before but you provide such a good review about Arvixe. I think i definitely try it sometime.
thanks so much for your sharing.


    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Stephan,
    Arvixe is really cool and I highly recommend them to other bloggers and web masters.
    you should give them a try in the future. BTW, which host are you currently using at your website?

Sehar Fatima says

previously i have been using Hostgator but your excellent writing skills made think of Arvixe. thanks for info 🙂 says

With your review of arvixe,I think it is great for web hosting for bloggers

Lalita Bisht says

Arvixe, I have never heard about this hosting. But after getting positive review about this hosting company I got an alternative to my current hosting company. Thanks for the share.

    Joseph Adediji says

    Hi Lalita,
    I know a lot of people don’t know about Arvixe even though they have been around for a while, they are quite good and their technical support is awesome.

Omoscowonder says

wonderful review, sincerely, i love this host called arvixe, planning on moving my blog very soon…

Thanks and surely, i will be using the coupon code you provided.

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